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  1. Scheherazade

    Effect audio collaborations

      Scheherazade introduce Effect audio collaborations.     Scheherazade is the only place where you could try Effect X Empire Merlin and Arthur in South Korea.     And the Effect X Vision Ears VE6 LSE.   Scheherazade is the certified store for Effect audio and it's collaborations...
  2. Scheherazade

    Audeze SINE, encroaching on the ‘outdoor’ headphone market!

          Headphones are divided into two types by purpose, which is for monitoring or music listening as well as for outside or inside. You can separate them by the size of units and whether they are On-Ears vs Over-Ears. In fact, On-Ear headphones don’t deliver high-resolution music compared to...
  3. Scheherazade

    HUM Pristine the remarkable 2 way IEM

    Review: Hum Pristine In-Ear Monitor Universal version     Specifications Manufacturer: Hum Driver Type: Dual Balanced Armature (Knowles CI & ED) Frequency Response: Unknown Sensitivity: Unknown Accessories: CX1 Cable, Pelican 1010 Hard case, Sleeves(small, medium, and large), ear wax...
  4. Scheherazade

    Endowment of King, Effect Audio - Arthur

    People focus their auditory attention on a particular stimulus while filtering out a range of other stimuli, which is called ‘Cocktail Party Effect’. Similarly, Music doesn’t offer only some notes. There is a lot of information in music. You need to be trained to hear every sound in music.  ...
  5. Scheherazade

    Introducing Scheherazade

    Introducing Scheherazade   Scheherazade is a premium concept store located in Cheong-dam, Seoul. It is operated by Sorishop Co.,Ltd which is nation’s first generation professional AV store online. We put a high value on product demonstration and connecting people who use earphones and...