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  1. Rish732

    Comment by 'Rish732' on listing 'Campfire Audio Solaris 2020'

    Sorry, I can't read... glad you sold it!
  2. Rish732

    Comment by 'Rish732' on listing 'Zen Omegas (VE)'

    BUMP! and Price Drop
  3. Zen Omegas (VE)

    A beautiful set of earbuds that are the zen omegas. Taken care of and used rarely. A wonderful sound, just need to cull the collection. Will come with the accessory kit and the case. Shipping outside the US please add $15 This price includes shipping within the US. Thank you, Rish
  4. BGVP DM6 - no trades please

    FOR Sale BGVP DM6 No trades please. Will ship anywhere - outside of the US please add $15 for shipping. These were used a few times but I need to cull my collection a bit. In excellent shape and a lovely sound. The clear shell is also quite beautiful. I'm including a small pouch also.
  5. Rish732

    AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

    I have had great luck with contacting Leslie at Impact Audio Cables on Etsy.  His are truly great for the price.  They are custom so take a little bit of time.  There's a thread about them here...
  6. Rish732

    AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

    So I finally had a chance to listen to the thx00-EB back to back versus the audioquest NO and the pleather pads. The thx are slightly brighter and airier and less comfortable. The bass feels deeper but not more in quantity. The trebles are more present without being bright or harsh. It's a...
  7. Rish732

    AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

    Yikes, I knew Audioquest and these headphones are divisive but this is something else.     Folks, I hope we can continue this discussion, I think you both have stuff to add.    Let's change the topic, perhaps?   How's the microphone on these, I haven't tried it yet? (UPDATE BELOW)  ...
  8. Rish732

    AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

    @Venture Guy I don't have the Thx-00 Ebony's here but once I get home tonight I'll post some thoughts.  I've decided to keep both sets of cans...for now.  I'm in love with these Nightowls but I also love the increased airiness and ultraflat response from the Thx-00 EB.   In comparison for...
  9. Rish732

    AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

    @shurealltheway Good ask for the clarification -   In comparison to the leather earpads, I would say the ultrasuede tightens up the bass signature and decreases the boominess.  The impact is nearly the same but I prefer the tighter more precise bass.   The ultrasuede also widens the...
  10. Rish732

    AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

    Just got these and have to say they sound great out of my phone, fantastic directly out of my hifime sabre 9018 portable DAC and marginally more fantastic once amped. They are my go-to cans definitely regarding comfort (wearing them for hours) and that sweet feeling of listening to quality...
  11. Rish732

    The Cayin C5 portable power house.

    Madcat207 Andykong I've been using the C5 amp and the C5 amp/dac with the LCD 3 (non fazor) and have used it in the past with the hd650. I've found that the amp definitely handles the LCD series admirably. The DAC is fine but not as much bass extension and power. I also sometimes use the bass...
  12. Rish732

    NEW 2015 - HIFIMAN HE400S

    For the most part a solid adapter has no moving parts. I would pay at least 3-5$ for an adapter as that seems to be the bare minimum I have found for quality. It needs to be solid enough to not be pulled apart after many insertions and removals. The ones I got off of eBay for $2 apiece have come...
  13. Rish732

    NEW 2015 - HIFIMAN HE400S

    If you like a warmer, richer sound then the he400s is the way to go. If you like a more detailed and intimate sound then the hd600. Soundstage is a tricky thing. It all depends on amping and your ears. I had the hd600 and returned it and then itchy fingers decided to jump on some used deals on...
  14. Rish732

    How bright are Grados?

    I have a modified set of 325e in wood cups and it takes the brightness and gives these headphones an energy and listen ability that I liken to the top end wooden ones in the Grado line. I auditioned a a gs1000e for about a month and ended up returning it and keeping these instead. 90% of the...
  15. Rish732

    Review by 'Rish732' on item 'WireWorld Pulse Mini Jack Male to Male Cable PUM (1.0 Meter)'

    Introduction So it's a cable.  It's copper.  It's coiled into a helix pattern apparently.  It's $36 +shipping and it most definitely works.       Construction  Quality, flat, with nice chunky plugs that are easy to connect.  It's purple.  I like purple.    Sound I wasn't expecting...
  16. Rish732

    Review by 'Rish732' on item 'Hifime Sabre 9018 USB DAC'

    This little DAC punches way way way above its weight.   I fell deep into the audiophile hole about a month ago, waiting for our 2nd son to be born.  If I could be so bold, I went through a rebirth. I bought a Chord Mojo (Which I will be selling by the by, explanation to follow) and I prefer...
  17. Rish732

    Review by 'Rish732' on item 'Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Closed Studio Headphones - 250 Ohms'

    I love the Beyerdynamic dt770 250 Ohms.  After searching high and low for a closed back headphone I fell upon these knowing that I would carry an amp.   With the Cayin C5 - High gain at about 2.5 volume and yes, some bass boost - they sound tremendous.  I feel an impact of the bass, I feel a...
  18. Rish732

    Review by 'Rish732' on item 'Bravo Audio Ocean'

    Folks!   Just found the joys of tube audio and have to say this little guy opened my ears.  I did a lot of research here and on a few other sites and bought 3 NOS tubes.  I realised that with my renewed interest in headphones and building a dual speaker and headphone capable system I needed a...
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