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  1. Tomikans

    Phonak Audeo?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dfkt Some do (SE530, SF5v2), as weird as it appears, but the PFE certainly have no burn-in time - only your brain needs to get accustomed to them. Woops.. i meant "mental burn in" ..haha From what i'm hearing right now, the pfe's have piercing...
  2. Tomikans

    Phonak Audeo?

    Woot i just got my phonaks now! I'll write my impressions later after some burn in time.
  3. Tomikans

    why buy stock if custom iems can be same $$

    i always thought your nose and ears never stop growing :O
  4. Tomikans

    YUIN PK3 VS NuForce NE-7M VS ??? What's your prefered bang-4-the-buck portable headphone

    Pk3's.. yay Best earbud i ever heard.. i'll get the pk1's after i get my PFE's.
  5. Tomikans

    Phonak Audeo?

    hmm well i pulled the trigger! damn head-fi.. cost me 150 USD .. woo Time to sell my well used RE2's now to soften the blow to my wallet.
  6. Tomikans

    Help me to choose between Shure SE110 vs. RE2

    Oh .... +2 Can't say it better than that.
  7. Tomikans

    is there a list of worst to best headphones anywhere?

    You make the poll for some primary research. Subjective or not, opinions are still a source of information. Spread sheet once the primary research is done ( lets try to survey at least 100 people)
  8. Tomikans

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Calexico Are those the RE2s? Or RE1s? It would seem like a bit of overkill to be using that with RE2s. Those are Re2's.. and that used to be my exact same set up.
  9. Tomikans

    Rig In Public: Yes or No?!

    Oh i can't wait to case up my ipod connected to my D2 boa via LOD. Then i can proudly show how my wallet is always empty.
  10. Tomikans

    [Pictorial Review] Head-Direct's RE2

    The RE2's have quite a bit of soundstage from what i heard from my pair. I haven't heard the er6i's but i can tell you the RE2's are very good at the price they're at.
  11. Tomikans

    RE2 Upgrade

    yea i definitely need to upgrade mine since my cables already splitting. something under 200 CAD would be nice
  12. Tomikans

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by mierenneuker hope it's my last purchase because I'm only 17 and can spend my money way better hope that's true.. btw.. love pendulum!
  13. Tomikans

    What do you think of my Sansa Fuze+Miscs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by my.self the hd555's really arent portable at all. They aren't but that won't matter since he'll be using them at home.. :O
  14. Tomikans

    What do you think of my Sansa Fuze+Miscs?

    looks great for what you spent. 9/10 (based on price) since you spent 400 dollars on everything.. portable and home. Plenty of upgrades to go on from there. - SQ hd 555's 6/10 in my scale while NE-8's are unknown to me - Satisfaction * It depends what you listened to before wearing...
  15. Tomikans

    Asus EEE 900HA: Excellent Sound, Unconstrained Drive

    you can also get a portable amp/dac for your netbook if you want to upgrade on SQ. I always wanted to get myself a netbook just to play fallout 1/2 during school. my other laptop is too heavy with all the textbooks i lug around -.-.
  16. Tomikans

    Does one need 2 dap's?

    I need 2 daps.. 120 gig zune for library 2 gig clip for new stuff that i found and am to lazy to tag them and gym rig. Combo does do nicely
  17. Tomikans

    MP3 player with best SQ under $150

    Zune for my vote
  18. Tomikans


    In terms of the selling charts.. having a 240gb ipod would be ... a lost cause. imo. Lack of market.
  19. Tomikans

    Ipod classic 120gig vs. Zune 120gig

    Zune for me. I got the zune 120 on the days when walmart thought it was cheaper than the 80. so got it for 199 instead of it's original price. Though i prefer the zune sound a whole lot better than my ipod. It's much more richer and full bodied than the ipod imo. The only thing the ipod has...
  20. Tomikans

    About the 4GB Sansa Clip

    Quote: Originally Posted by boozcool Sanza was ok, but not in the same league Haha... i just got to laugh about this statement.
  21. Tomikans

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto what headphones are those? Sennheiser HD25-1 II The next headphones i'm going to purchase.
  22. Tomikans

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XII]

    Wow that color looks great!
  23. Tomikans

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XII]

    wow that's some excellent work.