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  1. Tidus

    JH3A - How will you feed it?

    Hello,   I now have Hifiman and i want JH3A but i cant afford it. So i must sell Hifiman. Can people that plan or had buy JH3A give us idea how will feed JH3A?Or give us any idea. Can i use only JH3A system feed form computer by coaxial cable?   thanks for all tips
  2. Tidus

    24bit/96Khz APE to 24bit/96Khz FLAC

    Hi, I will buy Hifiman he supports 24bit/96Khz FLAC so: i have this problems, exist any soft that can this????: 1. i have many music in 24bit/96Khz APE, WAV etc. and i want this music in 24bit/96Khz FLAC?? 2. so i have music in 24bit/192Khz APE, WAV, FLAC so i want it in 24bit/96Khz...
  3. Tidus

    Wait for Hifiman or get Ibasso+IRiver ???

    So i have about you people???so money i have only for one of thise rigs... thanx
  4. Tidus

    My Ipod

    HI my friends, i listening to my Ipod 5.5g 80gb, then i take a break. After break i try turn on my ipod but nothing happend. When i plug Ipod to PC. NOthing happend i ask if someone have similar problem???maybe battery cause she often drain off...thanx
  5. Tidus

    Crystal Cable LOD for Imod

    Hu everyone)it is possible that cable can i use with Imod cause Alo make special cable for i ask if someone have this one and where can i buy it? And what about Alo SXC vs Crystal Cable LOD???? thanx
  6. Tidus

    IMOD and AMP Question

    Hi, maybe this is stupid question but it is last question about my desicion to buy a iMOd. Bucks is problem here....I must ask if ill buy a Imod and ES3X (Ill sell W3). Can i listen to the Imod with ES3X without amp and LOD?????And dont have bucks to buy all. I must wait. So i decide to buy Imod...
  7. Tidus

    Predator or Mustang + Westone 3 = portable Bag?

    Hi everyone i want some stylish bag for my combo?headroom have some but it is possble to instal another amp than headroom amp?thanx thanx to all post)
  8. Tidus

    High end cables?

    Hi i want buy Pico or Predator amplifier (both DAC)...for my Westone 3. What are the best cables for this combo?thanx
  9. Tidus


    Hi again my friends, im planning this combo: 1. Westone 3 monitors 2. Cowon q5w 3. Emmeline "The Predator" Portable USB DAC/Amp maybe you can improve my decision?hihi tahnx for all)
  10. Tidus

    Westone 3 and amp?which?

    HI Guys and girls)im looking for an mobile amp form my W3?i found this one: HeadRoom Total BitHead?. Any others option?...but i want the best one that ill be able to get max from w3)thanx