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    Imaging Question

    I've been an audio enthusiast most of my life and I have a question on imaging maybe you can help me with. Do any of you ever notice the voice on recordings being ever so slightly to the right of center? (1 to 2 degrees) I would estimate 80% of recordings I listen to whether it be streaming on...
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    How much difference do amps make?

    How much difference does an amp make in the overall sound of a system? In a seperate amp/dac system which is more important to the sound the amp or the dac? I am currently using a Monolith thx dac/amp combo and using Hi Fi Man Arya headphones. Would it be worth it to upgrade to seperates? What...
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    Is my computer a weak link?

    Is running my computer into my DAC/Amp affecting the overall sound quality of my system? Is it better to get a dedicated streamer? Thanks
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    Amp and Dac for Aryas.

    What would be a good seperate tube amp and dac for my Aryas? I've been hearing good things about the Denafrips Aria II. Don't want to go more than $2,000 on the amp. Thanks for any feedback!