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  1. FYFL

    Vinyl Corner. Music, Gear, Experiences.

    Use this thread to post: 1. What you’re listening NOW. 2. Favorite LPs, new releases, reference records, upcoming pressings, cheap $ bin finds. 3. Comparisons LP vs Digital counterpart. 4. Your vinyl gear, Equipment questions, recommendations, experiences, reviews of you own/owned. 5. Or...
  2. FYFL

    Looking for ( found )"end game" headphones in 2K ± price range.

    (please do not offer any more suggestions. Already found headphones I was looking for - ADX5000 Audio Technica. Thank You) Nov.19, 2020. Need your feedback on headphones that would bring something different to collection of headphones I currently own. •Budget - around 2k. Could go higher if...