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  1. midget

    uDac 2 and OSX El Capitan

    Update: Have updated to 10.11.1 and still not working. VOX tells me that the device is locked...
  2. midget

    uDac 2 and OSX El Capitan

    Have the same issue here as well. Don't have a solution yet myself...
  3. midget

    Rank the IEM's you've heard

    CK100 Pro = UM3x/UM Pro 30 > W4 = BA200 = TF10 > SE530 = W3 > IE8   Definitely a lot that I'm missing here.
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    Westone UM3X Thread

      I have the original um3x without the removable cable otherwise i'd just do that. I just expected Westone to be able to simply refinish the headphone jack (yes for a fee, i understand that I'm well out of warranty) without asking me to just abandon what are a otherwise perfectly functioning...
  5. midget

    Westone UM3X Thread

    UM3x finally have a problem after years of use. The wire at the point where it meets the headphone jack is loose and sound cuts in and out. Contacted Westone to see if they'd repair the earphones for me and what the associated cost might be only to get the response that Westone no longer repairs...
  6. midget

    ENERGY SISTEM E212 - Giveaway

    a very generous proposition. kudos to you sir, count me in.
  7. midget

    Camera Bag-Fi

    Think Tank Shapeshifter here. allows me to carry with me everything i need, nothing i dont.   up to 17in laptop 2 pro bodies 24-70 wide 2.8 zoom 70-200 2.8 flash(es) w. battery pack   all that plus room for other various doodads
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    The Canon Thread

    the 40d is a fantastically capable body, and with used prices where they are, a fantastic deal. enjoy yours as i have mine for nearly 3 years now Quote:
  9. midget

    James444's IEM giveaway thread (competition has ended - see post #344 and #354 for winners!)

    simply put, i've always had an eye on the beautiful ck100, but could never justify the price stateside or even otherwise (i went to taiwan to find their price still in the USD $450 range) and as for the fx500, have always really wanted to see what all the fuss about the natural timbre of the...
  10. midget

    Best place to purchase SM3s?

    my um3x may hit the listings in favor of the sm3s...
  11. midget

    speed AND weight ? ADDIEM vs K319 vs PFE vs PX100

    cant speak for the other earphones here, but CM700s aren't known for having "weight" to its sound, the earphone's a bit on the bass-deficient side which makes the sound less "weighty"
  12. midget

    I think I may have killed my IEMs when I attempted to clean them

    i don't know about the denon c710 specifically, but you could attempt to remove the mesh altogether and see if that would remedy the "muffled" sound. Granted, it should make a difference in the overall presentation of sound, but at least it wouldnt be muffled anymore no? just my $0.02
  13. midget

    Upgrade from UM3X

    aside from going with customs, i myself am looking into the earsonics sm3, which purportedly has the dramatically larger soundstage than the um3x. only qualm i have with the earsonics though is its pricing and the lack of support for the product in north america.
  14. midget

    UM3X a disappointment in build quality

    personally i think the um3x is beautifully crafted, ergonomically and practically. i couldn't imagine my um3x falling apart as yours has apparently, and to be honest, it probably wont for another few years until say, the glue begins to become a problem area. i'd chalk this up probably to just...
  15. midget

    Audio Technica ATH-CK10

    Quote: Originally Posted by DaeO Not yet, Im waiting until end of may for the detachable cable version is there actually any evidence to prove that this may be unveiled soon?
  16. midget

    Coming from Triple Fi/ IE8, what next? UM3x or Westone 3?

    simply put, if you're coming from the Trips and want the treble sparkle of the trips, go for the W3. The Um3xs treble is there, wonderfully detailed but is just subdued compared to the W3 and Tripfi.
  17. midget

    In YOUR opinion....

    regardless of whether you're running them amped or unamped, you might miss the treble response of the trips if you decide to move to the se530. the se530 's highs do become a bit more forward when they're amped. likewise, the trips' mids dont come out with amping. it really depends on where you...
  18. midget

    Review: iPod touch 2G - one year on - SQ, performance and How-to

    sorry to hear that shigz, hope all is well now and am eagerly awaiting your review. I've been looking into replacing my old 1g touch for a while now. this looks promising.
  19. midget

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    burning in the TF10s now, whether we all believe in the burnin or not isn't relevant, cus im doing it. i just wish they had more prominent/forward mids. as for fit, i've never had a problem getting them to seal (own UHP336 already) but i will admit to their being a bit on the big side.
  20. midget

    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    i got pushed back to the 23rd. this is getting ridiculous, changing shipping addresses now because i won't be at college.
  21. midget

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    has anyone tried repainting the TF10? I'm personally not a big fan of the metallic blue. I'm thinking flat black?
  22. midget

    What IEM would you like to receive this coming Christmas 2009?

    jH13s or UE11s, but ill settle for ck100s then maybe tf10s. just maybe...
  23. midget

    Using a headphone amp to power stereo speakers

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shlonglor How do I figure out if the speakers actually have RCA outputs? This is a little advertised fact. Does anyone know if the Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia has them? i think you mean RCA inputs. i'm pretty sure you can buy a RCA-mini cable if you decided...
  24. midget

    Best Camera Lens Bag?

    Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo that looks phenomenal but is it large? i ride rather low though i will be getting more of a touring bicycle soon so i won't be as flat out. if too long it will catch on my helmet (which i always wear) phenomenally good looking and versatile pack...