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  1. R-Audiohead

    Portland Head-Fi Meet (03/02/13) at Echo Audio - Impressions/Pics

    I'd say the meet was definitely a success!   Thanks again to everyone who made this happen!   Feel free to post impressions, pics, etc here on this thread.
  2. R-Audiohead

    Favorite Evaluation Tracks

    Below you'll find a very short (and incomplete) list of specific songs I prefer to use for testing various subjective FR responses on gear.  I may add or remove songs whenever I feel, I just thought this would be a good place to store my list for others to view.  I may even come back and label...
  3. R-Audiohead

    Sennheiser Updates? - HD4x9 Announced?

    I noticed this on Sennheiser's webpage:   I know a lot of people around here aren't that interested in low end Senns, but I really enjoy the HD448 as an easy portable.   I'm quite...
  4. R-Audiohead

    Zombie Invasion? Try "Beats by Dr. Dre" Invasion

    We're all aware of their marketing strategies to flood and brainwash the naive consumer, but check out their new announcement:   Why does this make my blood boil?  Is this because I fear for the...
  5. R-Audiohead

    Care to identify these?

    Hey guys,   I have been using these buds for awhile as my "cheap workout phones".  I have never identified them, I thought maybe you guys could do me a favor and maybe ID these.  They came in a cloth bag... I don't remember exactly how I obtained them, but it may have been with a laptop...