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  1. megawzrd

    JVC marshmellow help

    So I have done some light google searching and yeah there are some results on replacement tips for marshmellows but nothing specific to my concern. I have always had problems with inner ear headphones popping out. Even just sitting around. I don't think I have large ears, they seem like they go...
  2. megawzrd

    AKG k240m vs Grado HF1 through millets (quick impression)

    So over the past few months, quite a few headphones have come and gone and I am finally narrowing in on the ones I really like. I have taken to the 20 year old k240m's that I got off the bay and refurbed. The silky akg mids are very well intact. Compared to most of the other phones I had heard...
  3. megawzrd

    Guitar Resurrection Project

    Just thought I would share my guitar project since it is zipping along now: So ever since I got my ibanez about 5 years ago my strat clone has laid by the waste side in pieces. I got the guitar in 94' when I first started learning how to play. The neck was shot from learning how not to adjust...
  4. megawzrd

    Is it just me: or is the search engine really slow lately

    The search engine has been crappin out on me lately. I scanned my computer. Looked for process spikes and everything. Maybe its this new firefox update. Anyways just wondering if anyone has been having similar issues in the last couple of days.
  5. megawzrd

    Bye Bye HF-1s

    Well no doubt fueled by the over priced HF1 sitting on Ebay right now...there goes a second HF1 right behind it. Bye Bye HF1s. I guess my chances for getting a decent price on a second hand pair is now greatly diminished Prices are gonna spike on these for the moment because someone who...
  6. megawzrd

    Sad, sad, day...Queen Song Butchery for the masses.

    Wow...I don't watch the show American Idol but I heard that they were doing Queen tonight. I tuned in for the massacre and after Bohemian Rhapsody that's all I can take. No one should be aloud to do that song. As for the Simon Cowell...I was under the impression that he gave the most critical...
  7. megawzrd

    What's the best cartridge for your buck?

    I have a set of scratch cartridges and I know I am missing out a little bit in terms of "Fi" . What is the best bang for your buck cartridge for pure listening pleasure? I have been looking at the black, green and blue grado carts. How are those? Any other companies/carts to take a look at? Thanks.
  8. megawzrd

    Guitar Center deal on Beyer DT770 pro-80s

    This looks to be a decent deal at Guitar Center. I saw this in the AD they sent me for their weekend sale: Get 2 DT770Pro-80s for $299 ("Buy 2 and get an extra $100 off our everyday price - plus a free headphone amp") Free amp looks to be a PreSonus HP4 4 channel which they sell for $99...
  9. megawzrd

    PA2V2 gettin on nerves

    Man this PA2V2 is gettin on my nerves...its been like 4 days I have been running it for at least 10 hours a day probably 12 since I run it while I have been burning in my dt990s. I probably have about 40-45 hours on it. I know NiMH batteries aren't "supposed" to develop memory but I like to...
  10. megawzrd

    How long to burn in before critiquing new Grados'?

    I just got my SR80s today. About how long do you think I should wait before I really start critiquing them. They still sound a bit grainy. It seems that the hint of scratchy/distortion I heard right off is still here but slightly subdued over the few hours I have had them running. Maybe its just...
  11. megawzrd

    Anyone have "richest man in babylon" cd - Theivery Corperation

    I just got the cd a few days ago and I am looking for confirmation if I have a flawed cd or its just the recording on track 9 - "exilio (exile)": the vocal passages 1:22-1:34 and in other places are obviously distorted and have a blip or slight hic-up which is also in a few other parts of...