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  1. Yoga Flame

    Earpads for ATH-M50

    SRH940 velour pads are larger and thicker than the stock M50 ones. I'd recommend them over the DT250 pads. But although the replacement pads give increased comfort and room, they are probably still not going to completely prevent your ears from touching the driver lining.   The SRH940 pads...
  2. Yoga Flame

    Are there seriously NO hi-fi isolating headphones?

    T5, Thunderpants, Paradox.
  3. Yoga Flame

    Anything better than the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro?

    The velour vs leather ear pads difference was probably also a factor.
  4. Yoga Flame

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    Not really related, but with tube amps it's best to leave the headphones unplugged for 30 seconds or so while the amp warms up.
  5. Yoga Flame

    Don't get why "Audiophile" USB Cable would improve sound quality

    Quote:   They're also used to filter the noise generated by the device itself so it doesn't interfere with other devices.
  6. Yoga Flame

    Headfi and safari = slow as *****!

    It's true that the problem is from some Javascript code on Head-Fi. But tracking down exactly which parts of the code are responsible is not always a simple thing. Since different browsers and even different versions of the same browser can react in subtly different ways to the same code, it...
  7. Yoga Flame

    newbie investigating cans and USB DAC/amps

    Quote:   While that is the goal of all amps, some achieve it better than others. Everything that you can plug headphones into has an amp. The source's built in amp may have enough voltage to get loud, but it may also get slightly noisy at the same time. Or it may fail to supply enough...
  8. Yoga Flame

    my DAC design - pup1 DAC

    Looks like the TRS jack's pcb pins are just wired that way.  
  9. Yoga Flame

    Headfi and safari = slow as *****!

    Works well for me. And the gallery bug is gone. Thanks for the quick fix!
  10. Yoga Flame

    Headfi and safari = slow as *****!

    Managed to repeat it.   1. Browse gallery 2. Navigate to a photo 3. Click "Prev" a few times     So it seems like this one is just isolated to the gallery.
  11. Yoga Flame

    Headfi and safari = slow as *****!

    This just happened to me maybe about 45 minutes ago:   Was looking at one of my head-fi gallery pages. Page took forever to load, browser became unresponsive, and all my free RAM got used up. Eventually stuff did appear on the screen, and I noticed that all the ad boxes showed the Head-fi...
  12. Yoga Flame

    Banzai CMoy question

    G is the middle pin on those jacks. As for L/R, it depends on how those jacks are wired internally. There's no part number for them on the site, but they seem to resemble this one:   If they are the same, or at least use the...
  13. Yoga Flame

    Leaving out the potentiometer?

    Yes, leaving out the pot and controlling the volume from the source will avoid the small amounts of noise that pots introduce. No channel imbalance too. But it also depends on how volume control is implemented on your source. With CD quality music, you get 16 bits of dynamic range. As you lower...
  14. Yoga Flame

    the Pimeta-V2 thread

    Thanks, Tangent! I swapped in some BUF634s and it works well now.  And it was a direct replacement too, with no need for wiring changes especially since I'm not using high-bandwidth mode. That was a pleasant surprise.   Casework is turning out to be lots of work, as usual. Don't know when...
  15. Yoga Flame

    the Pimeta-V2 thread

    Some time ago I got myself a Pimeta board thinking I would try going balanced with it. But as I planned and researched, I soon realized that would be above my skill level. Thus far I've mostly just been a paint by numbers DIYer.   Still, I've long been intrigued with the idea of driving my...
  16. Balanced PIMETA attempt

    Balanced PIMETA attempt

    My attempt at implementing the PIMETA V2 design on a perfboard. 2 x Sigma25 PSU +/-15V, 4 x OPA627, 4 x BUF634, Noble 20K pot, Opamp class A biasing with CRDs.
  17. Yoga Flame

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

      Quote:   I disagree. There definitely have been very beautiful Crack builds. It's up to you to decide how far you want to take it. And it's always an option to splurge on top of the line components. Go wild with a premium stepped attenuator, boutique caps, or even commission a skilled...
  18. Yoga Flame

    DIY components cleanout, anything seem interesting?

      Quote:   Cables, Speakers, Tweaks, Accessories For Sale  
  19. Yoga Flame

    LED/headphone jack/switch wiring assistance

      Quote:   It depends on the jacks. If you know the model number, you can look up the datasheets on or For panel mount jacks there is usually a bit of leeway since even if the holes are a little off the mounting nuts will cover it up.  
  20. Yoga Flame

    Built a CMOY, noticing hum

    How is your CMoy powered? And what is the source feeding it?   (The picture doesn't show up for me.)  
  21. Yoga Flame

    Crossfeed feature on amps marketing B.S.?

    Crossfeed does make a difference. It is most noticeable with tracks where instruments on the left and right channels are completely separate. (I.e. you cannot hear any trace of the left channel on the right side and vice versa.) This is fine on speakers. But with headphones this can be...
  22. Yoga Flame

    My left driver stopped working...

    A cable or plug problem is also a possibility. Try wiggling the plug or various parts of the cable and see if that brings back the sound temporarily.
  23. Yoga Flame

    DIY Audio Switch?

    I think the same circuit should work both ways.   This recent thread may be of interest:
  24. Yoga Flame

    How to persuade someone to let you get expensive headphones

    Play some death metal (or if they know how to appreciate metal, then use My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion) on repeat over your computer speakers every day. Then casually let it slip that you've been thinking about getting some nice headphones for a change.  
  25. Yoga Flame

    Noob in the market for a headphone amp: Help me spend my money!

    Changing amps can affect the sound of headphones, but the differences are quite subtle once you get past the basic level. Unless there's something wrong with the headphone output of your receiver, a separate amp may not deliver the kind of improvement you are looking for. It's possible that the...