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  1. gogogasgas

    AKG K712 Pro - Balanced Mod and Local (Brisbane/NSW/Vic Australia) Tech Needed

    I've just moved up to the AKG K812 Pro from the K701 and I am mighty impressed with these headphones. However, I am thinking of modding them so I can use them with a balanced amp. Has anyone done this? If so, how, and what were the results like?   Also, after some VERY bad experience with a...
  2. gogogasgas

    New Sennheiser models on the way in 2015?

    Australia's Addicted to Audio and some on-line sellers have significantly reduced the price of the Sennheiser Amps and some headphone models. Could this mean new models are imminent?
  3. gogogasgas

    HD800 Sennheiser - Top SOLID STATE headphone amps

    The HD800s are on my to-do list as replacements for my venerable 650s. As for an amp, I want to stay with solid state only. The 650s were powered, until recently, by my Graham Slee Solo with PSU-1 power supply. The Solo seemed to compress things when the source got too busy. (I don't listen at...