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  1. Pepsi

    Today's music industry is...

    Obviously i'm not taking away from true passionate artists, I'm sure even the ones who glorify all those things I mentioned have love for music, that doesn't make it okay for them spread that negative energy around. Pop and Rap are heavily influential, and with that power of influence I...
  2. Pepsi

    Today's music industry is...

    Heavily corrupt often glorifying money, materialism, sexism, mocking the sanctity of sex itself, drugs, alcohol and so much more. I feel the need to vent about this, because as a music lover, our youth will continuously be tainted by these puppets of the evil music industry. I am just interested...
  3. Pepsi

    We have a breakthrough at Best Buy!

    Oh man, I never thought I'd ever see HD800s at best buy! I hope this will give a little more insight to Bose/Beats consumers! And I really hope they're doing this nationally!! Man, If it wasn't snowing here I'd go myself!
  4. Pepsi

    Getting "called-out" for not wearing the Beats

    I actually talked to my friends regarding this topic, and they too agree the product is way overpriced for the performance you're actually recieving. I remembered someone saying, you don't want to be that guy. If the consumer would just do research to better inform themselves about the beats...
  5. Pepsi

    I am Vietnamese.

    Wow, that shop sounds like a spot i'll definitely need to stop by when i go back again this summer. Are you vietnamese yourself?
  6. Pepsi

    What is the meaning of life?

    Quote:                   “I've been making a list of the things they don't teach you at school. They don't teach you how to love somebody. They don't teach you how to be famous. They don't teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don't teach...
  7. Pepsi

    Quick question regarding humming issue.

    So i am starting to notice when i am listening to my music through my macbook set up, my external hard drive is causing some slight humming through my headphones, when i do turn on the music, it covers it up quite well. all i'm wondering is can this type of interference damage any of my...
  8. Pepsi

    Pictures metaphoring the sound of your headphones

    HD800's to my ears, is pure sexiness.  
  9. Pepsi

    What is the meaning of life?

    Quote: Well my buddy's "Meaning of Life" professor, felt otherwise. I just felt like i was being taught a bunch biased views, just one of those ideas that kind of stuck with me throughout the day.
  10. Pepsi

    What foods won't you eat?

    Quote: It's more of the idea that it's blood, than the taste, a bit ridiculous I know, but it's just something I never could get over. Those meatballs do look delicious though, are you in Thailand for vacation?
  11. Pepsi

    What foods won't you eat?

    Quote: Edward, I've found you.
  12. Pepsi

    What is the meaning of life?

    Just out of plain curiosity, what does it mean to you? 
  13. Pepsi

    What foods won't you eat?

    Being Vietnames/American, there are just some horrendous dishes that I cannot wrap my mind around knowing what's in it. This is called Bun Rieu, and that red blob you see there is dried pig blood. The dish itself is subpar, but i will never eat it with that dried blood in there.    
  14. Pepsi

    NFL 2012 Playoffs Discussion Thread

    Whatever ridiculous blue it is, it's going to be the silver, red and blue who will be triumphant in this superbowl. Tom is back for revenge!!
  15. Pepsi

    The TV Thread (What's on your television?)

    It's mostly ESPN and sports. But i also love House, and Dexter. 
  16. Pepsi

    How "Millenial" Are You? Take the quiz!

    86. Not surprising, i love gadgets and i love TV. Personally i think life would suck without technology.
  17. Pepsi

    Sony MDR-R10 what is the fuss about

    They have sound coming out of them. 
  18. Pepsi

    Favre Watch

    Quote: It does actually now that you bring it up, only difference was he never had a breakout season with the Wizards, but then again, leading the Bulls to two triple series championship wins is quit enough. Favre on the other hand, had only one, and then had another chance if it wasn't...
  19. Pepsi

    The 2013 solar flare thread - nope, this is not the 2012 hype

    So even if your gear isn't plugged in it's going to pretty much own everything?
  20. Pepsi

    Favre Watch

    Same here, i never believed it when they were passing around the rumors. 10 more days till preseason!!!! I've got pizza hut saved on my cell and a fridge full of beer, it couldn't come soon enough!!!
  21. Pepsi

    Opinions on Tattoos

    I love tats, but i feel that you should really think about it and KNOW what you want and that it has great meaning to you, not just because it's "cool." From which i'm seeing, i'm confident you've thought about it thoroughly. I actually am planning to get a few myself. My parents last names...