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  1. AmberOzL

    Most Flat and Analytical Universal and Custom IEMS

    Budget is not a problem but I prefer not to go the top level. Something like 1000 euro can make me think again while there are rivals around 400 500 euros. Give me the best flat iems like UE Reference Monitors. What are the other options?   1 little thing, I prefer U-IEMs with over the ear...
  2. AmberOzL

    DAP's with 6.3mm jack entrance?

    I know there are Colorfly C4 and iBasso DX100. Anything else apart from these ones?
  3. AmberOzL

    Technical Noob Here, Need help

    So guys, I am planning to buy Colorfly C4 and it can do a lot of things but I have a question. Can I use it in this way:   Computer is open, listening to music from foobar (nothing special just flacs) C4 connected to a computer Headphones connected to the C4   So can I use high power...
  4. AmberOzL

    Seriously need help guys for getting my first 'real music' headphone

    First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who puts more and more into this website because I learned a lot from here and still going on.. I am quite new in this real musician ear/headphone things so before buying I wanted to get yours opinion.   So here are the facts,   I will use it with...