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  1. AnalyticChick

    Problem with Idealsound

    Hey. So after perusing the forums I decided upon the Shure 5cs as my headphones of choice. Okay then, sorry 'bout the wallet, but congrats on the audio glory. Seeing that Idealsound has them for $365 and is a forum sponser to boot, I was all set to buy from them. A problem arose though...
  2. AnalyticChick

    DAP fantasy aka query about the Zen Xtra, Nomad 3, and IHP

    So after much research on this forum and on the Internet in general, I have decided that I would really like a Creative Nomad Zen Xtra with line out. ...Unfortunately, those don't actually exist. So it has come down to the Zen Xtra, Jukebox 3, and Iriver IHP. Based on my...
  3. AnalyticChick

    Iriver Slimx IMP-550. So what do we think?

    Having just subscribed to these forums for a few days, I have swiftly gone from planning to spend about $180 for the Shure e3's to being convinced that I would be lacking a vital part of my life unless I could get my hands on a pair of ($400) Shure e5c's. Since I am planning (hoping) to get...
  4. AnalyticChick

    Vacillating Neophyte Seeks Someone Who Knows What They Are Talking About

    Greetings from a newbie, Thanks to the wonderful cultural phenomenon that is the graduation present, I now have the opportunity to build for myself a quite pleasent quasi-audiophilic sound system. After some (extensive) words of wisdom from the almighty Internet, I thought I was prepared to...