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  1. noinimod

    New Audio-Gd Reference 8 and Reference 9?!

    Someone posted this over in the computer audio but i thought here was more appropriate. Right now only the chinese site's updated, so we can only ogle at the internals. It's looking really good. н¨ÍøÒ³ 1 н¨ÍøÒ³ 1 Man, Kingwa is on fire. Ref 9 is their new entry-level balanced dac...
  2. noinimod

    Review of the Audio-Gd DAC-19 DF / MKIV

    Introduction н¨ÍøÒ³ 1 I thought it might be useful to include some background information so it’s easier to know where I’m coming from. I was using a Styleaudio Peridot DAC + Audioengine A5 speakers. I had a Compass DAC before and back when I was comparing the two (just the DAC section)...
  3. noinimod

    Upcoming Audio Gd DAC?!

    I was googling for a used dac19/19mk3 and look what i found off a chinese forum. Appears to be a new 'DAC17' model and apparently will retail at around 400USD. It looks good, finally there's a DAC that fills the void between the DAC19 and FUN. Might anyone have the inside scoop on this...
  4. noinimod

    Is this normal for hd650?

    Okay, so i opened up the hd650s i bought off a fellow head fi-er to clean up the innards, and saw something rather disturbing. Or am i over-reacting? The pictures don't capture the detail very well, but the entire driver is black with uneven spots of shiny bits on it. Note: The...
  5. noinimod

    How much to pay for 2nd hand audioengine a5s?

    First of all.. i'm not based in USA, so i don't have access to alot of the slickdeals you guys have. A brand new A5 costs me approx USD375. Someone has the older revision A5 with no warranty left and is willing to part it for USD241. Would that be a decent deal?
  6. noinimod

    Advice needed: Upgrade from E4C

    I've had my e4c for some time now and i think it's finally time for an upgrade. I think i would like something more fun sounding AND wont bust my bank. I've heard the SF5 pros but didn't really like them - not sure if its the UE sound signature that i'm not fond of or just those particular...
  7. noinimod

    Does anyone make a stereo-mono converter here?

    Well, i'm not based in USA, so i can't go down radioshack to get one.. Plus for some reason the audio stores in my country don't sell that.. I've went to at least 6. It's for use with an ipod. I was wondering if someone makes one, then i could pay you for it.. I'm deaf in one ear, that's why...
  8. noinimod

    Shure Olive Foamies Isolation/Feedback

    I've been using them on my e4cs for around a week now, and i realise i'm not getting as much isolation as compared to my old er6i biflanges. I suspect the foam's not the correct fitting. When i plug out my e4cs, the foamies dont appear to be that deformed looking.. leading me to believe that...
  9. noinimod

    Cheapest UE SF3?

    Looking to get one for my friend as a present Any recommendations? Cheapest i've seen is 59.. wondering if it goes lower than that Help appreciated!
  10. noinimod

    Any advice for me? Lost my ER6i

    Lost it in a cab while i was getting off, TOGETHER with my ipod classic 80gb. It hurts so bad. Now i'm wondering whether i should get another er6i or look into something else. Don't think i felt so much love for a gadget before. The only gripe i had about the ER6i was the lack of bass. I...
  11. noinimod

    ER6i Impressions

    Finally received my package yesterday, spent 1-2 for casual listening. All i can say is they are soo good. Separation is great and clarity is just astounding. One thing kinda irritates me though: the microphonics.. that just destroys the great experience i have with these IEMs, i don't really...
  12. noinimod

    ER6i Tip Questions!

    Hi all, i should be expecting my ER6i within the next week. Really excited cos it's gonna be a huge step up from my hje50s which kinda suck. Anyway, does anyone know if the tri flanges are the same as their earplugs? here's the link to them = > I have...