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  1. charlie0904

    Ibasso D2+ or upcoming T3

    by any chance anyone had these 2 can help me compare? I am currently using UM3X and a headphone ath-M50 which would be better? I am not considering D10 as I wanted to save abit for JH13 in near future.
  2. charlie0904

    Is there a maximum number of sound that a audio equipment can produce?

    Hi headfi-ers, I have this thought out of a sudden, might be abit foolish though. and also how many different sound instruments can human actually hear in a 5 to 10 sec music?
  3. charlie0904

    M-Audio IE-40

    anyone tried these? almost 500 bucks triple drivers !!! their headphone seems more affordable and portable too. more interesting though... are they joining the "big guys" or crushing them?
  4. charlie0904

    Amp recommedation for PFE

    hi guys! I jus gotten T4 a few weeks back. my hunger for is unstoppable after i heard the go-vibe magnum with my PFEs. seems my T4 doesn't satisfied me. current rig is itouch 1g, PFE w/ black filters, possible future ATH-ES7. looking for a more powerful budget amp, no need for DAC option...
  5. charlie0904

    Cowon S9 vs Sony X1000

    I will need to get a new DAP, s9 was on my mind but after x1000 video...... x1000 seems to have a new sound chip or amp? any views on the above 2?