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  1. Johnsy11

    Earphones around $200

    I am looking for a good set of earphones around the $200 mark. I am thinking of a pair with clear highs and warm mid--low end. Sound isolation and ruggedness is not necessary, but would be nice to have. Will be used on a bus. Thinking of Sennheiser IE80's, the gold-black ones. Will not be...
  2. Johnsy11

    Good USB DAC under/around $50-75?

    I am searching for a good compact USB DAC in the realms of between $50 and $75 though will go higher if tempting features and specifications are present. I would like it to natively support Mac OS 10.5.8 though I have dual-booted it with windows 7 though the windows side only has a total of 30GB...