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  1. Jay Delo

    Need an iem under 100

    Im looking for an iem that has a good amount of bass but nothing overpowering. Im going to be using them with my iphone and i mostly listen to hip hop/rap and rock.The more suggestions the better.Thanks
  2. Jay Delo

    iem for around $50?

    I've been looking around for an iem for quite a while but there is just so many options that i haven't been able to decide what would be best for me. I want an iem that has a good amount of bass but not overpowering and that also sounds pretty clear. I would be using them with my iphone and i...
  3. Jay Delo

    looking for first good headphones around $150

    I want to get some over ear, closed  headphones for my iPod and computer. Looking for headphones that work well with rap and hip hop that have a good amount of bass that isn't overpowering. But they also have to have some style cuz I'm 15. Headphones I've looked at: audio technica ath m-50...
  4. Jay Delo

    Need help choosing over ear headphones under 200

    Hey guys just joined and I need some help, I'm looking for over ear headphones under 200, I mostly listen to rap/hip hop and some rock any recommendations will be greatly appreciated