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  1. b0000

    I am new here pls help!!

    i suggest checking this out since it's always being updated and made by a very active veteran in this forum.   I can vouch for the v moda xs as a pretty good all rounder. Much more comfy and balanced than my...
  2. b0000

    what to choose?????

    I'm no expert on iems and small portable phones, so i can't make any recommendations, but check these out.     tyll from innerfidelity seems to think the skullcandies are decent, and...
  3. b0000

    Comment by 'b0000' in article 'Headphone Buying Guide'

    This is head-fi, most phones recommended here won't completely destroy/sacrifice most of its frequency range just to have one good trait. Bass heavy just means the bass is louder than the mids and highs. V shaped sound means the bass and treble is louder, while the mids sounds softer relatively...
  4. b0000

    DT880 Vs. HD598 Gaming/Music?

    hd558 -> dt880 = small upgrade hd558 -> hd 598 = barely an upgrade.   you can mod the hd558 to be exactly an hd598, just open it up and remove the tape, there's a whole thread about it.   imo both are a waste of money if youre looking to upgrade, all youre getting with the dt880 is a...
  5. b0000

    Getting more out of my Schiit stack.

    amplifier and dac sound improvements are greatly exaggerated in reviews, for they have to be, since their actual improvements are very small. So small that people new to the hobby will not notice or appreciate it. Especially so if you have a pair of low end headphones that isn't technically...
  6. b0000

    What is the best earphone on for metal?

    yes.   Sibilance is when the ss, ch, tsss, sounds get overly emphasized. it's usually a flaw in vocal recording/mastering
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    Upgrade headphones or get a headphone amp?

    Upgrading your headphones will always yield the most significant improvement until you hit the midrage tier (about 300 dollars ish).   Since youre new at this (correct me if im wrong) then you might not know that amps only improve a headphones sound slightly. Descriptions in reviews are...
  8. b0000

    looking for Flagship <EUR1,600 headphone for kpop+female ballad+pop

    are you sure you want it more sparkly than the hd800?   pop and kpop are mastered bright enough; pair it with the hd800 and its a disaster to my ears.   as for the headphones youre looking for: Bright + mid forward = any grado headphones ever
  9. b0000

    Computer speakers

    you wont go wrong with the jbl lsr 305, just dont expect earth shattering bass out of anything unless you have a sub.   if you really want to compare monitors, you really have to go out to a store that has them.   The next best way would be to watch this channel with a neutral pair of...
  10. b0000

    Newbie - Need first set of desktop speakers with high bass - budget around £600

    I have a pair of jbl lsr305's paired with an svs sb-1000. You definitely made a good choice on the speakers.   They do however, need subwoofers depending on what you listen to. I've done test tones on the lsr305's, 40 hz is as low as they effectively reach. Anything below is just too quiet...
  11. b0000

    Big move up from

    The k7xx is a very good mid range headphone. You really need to get something in the low-high-end to high-end if you actually want a noticable/appreciable improvement, otherwise it's just a waste of effort.   And as you probably know already, the HD800 is the spiritual upgrade of the k700...
  12. b0000

    best iem upgrade from westone um3x under $700 need recommendations ASAP!

    stagediver sd3   joker's review on it seems to fit the bill.
  13. b0000

    Best neutral iem under 150 dollars for 2015?

    you wont find many iem's with detachable cables at this price range. THe best you can do is make sure the cables doesnt get stressed (pulled, pressured, bent sharply). I haven't had an any earphones break on me for years when i started to keep the cable in mind.   As for neutrality, I can...
  14. b0000

    Good speaker setup for 300dollars

    The jbl's don't really need a subwoofer despite having only a 5 inch woofer. If you listen so some bass driven electronic music like drum and bass and dubstep and such, then yes you will need a subwoofer, even if you have speakers with 8 inch woofers. Same story for just about any speakers.  ...
  15. b0000

    Good speaker setup for 300dollars

    You can also look into active monitors, such as a pair of jbl LSR305, which have a wide sweet spot and are quite well balanced and have impressive bass extension(not volume!) for a 5 inch woofer.
  16. b0000

    What's a sensible upgrade from my HD650's ?

    I ordered mine online straight from Audeze's website. You can also get them on headamp. Just make sure you get them from an authorized dealer.
  17. b0000

    What's a sensible upgrade from my HD650's ?

    High end Stax setups can reach easily reach more than $5000 since the amp required to drive them is usually equal or more than the price of the headphones.   This should be an interesting read
  18. b0000

    What's a sensible upgrade from my HD650's ?

    The lcd2 is considered as the natural upgrade for the hd650, kind of like the same way that the hd800 is considered natural upgrade for the k701.   And yes the lcd3 will be better, but most people who have heard both the lcd2 and 3 will say that the $1000 difference isn't worth it if you're on...
  19. b0000

    New Audiophile Looking for Desktop Monitors

      I had the chance to audition a few 5 inch monitors at the same time. Jbl lsr 305, rokit 5, samson resolv a5, yamaha hs5, and the adam a5's.   The jbl's were the most balanced ones there by far. With the Adam's coming in second, which was a bit blurry in comparison. The yamaha and samson...
  20. b0000

    sennheiser HD600 vs. grado RS1e

    Oh that isn't the case. If you're speaking in terms of volume (gain) then the figure you want to look at is the headphone's sensitivity rating.   My akg q701 needs the most gain out of all my headphones with a sensitivity of 93db/mw  even though it's impedance is only 62 ohms. I used to own an...
  21. b0000

    sennheiser HD600 vs. grado RS1e

    I've never heard the rs1e, but just looking at a graph of it, yea, that roll off is intense.   This is the original rs1 that op linked in the graph. This is the rs1e. hd600 for comparison   Open in multiple tabs and zoom in!   Here's the page where all the headphones are listed...
  22. b0000

    Amp recommendation for Akg q701

      Well if you put it that way, then yes you're right.   But I always just assume that people buy gear for an improved listening experience. And I'm merely showing the most cost effective way.
  23. b0000

    sennheiser HD600 vs. grado RS1e

    Audition it if you can! Your mileage may vary, i may just be more sensitive to treble than most people. Tomb is right though, the higher end models were easier on the treble. 
  24. b0000

    Amp recommendation for Akg q701

    I'm pretty confident that something like the hifiman he560 plugged into a computer headphone jack would be better than an q701(or a similarly priced headphone up to $200) + $700 amp. They are just tier (or two) apart.   Imo a separate amp and dac is the last 10 or 20 percent towards getting to...
  25. b0000

    sennheiser HD600 vs. grado RS1e

    The wood looks pretty good imo, though honestly, i can't really comment on the sound. All i remember is trying out a bunch of grados, and taking them each of them off within a minute and concluded they all had too much treble for my tastes. I imagine listening to metal on them would be quite...