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  1. Jose Perez

    Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Meet 10-8-06

    Quote: Originally Posted by wolfen68 Hope everyone has fun...wish I was there but got Packer tickets Thats about as good a reason as anything I could possibly think of. enjoy the game
  2. Jose Perez

    Howie Day, anyone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oliver :) I was in the lucky position to see him live when he toured with Tori Amos a few years back. He was mesmerizing, developing the whole incredible complexity of the songs with just his guitar and a frightening array of foot-paddle controlled loops...
  3. Jose Perez

    Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Meet 10-8-06

    The time is growing near. Hope to see everyone tomorrow
  4. Jose Perez

    Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Meet 10-8-06

    Quote: Originally Posted by Absorbine_Sr OK, I think I'm gonna do the road trip and come up and visit for a spell. I can bring some stuff - HD650's, AKG K81DJ's, DAC-AH, Lunch Box amp, Eddie Current EC/SS, maybe the Eddie Current HD 25 if I feel like lugging it. I can bring my Esound E5...
  5. Jose Perez

    Whats your WORST recorded CDs?

    Here's a real turd for you: Kid Rock's Devil Without a Cause Sounds like it was recorded in the back of a moving truck using two cans and a string
  6. Jose Perez

    Top 2006 albums

    As of today, my top albums for 2006 are: Jack Johnson & Friends - Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George Gnarls Barkley - St Elsewhere Sergio Mendes - Timeless Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - All the Roadrunning
  7. Jose Perez

    Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Meet 10-8-06

    The meet is starting to shape up. I have 2 definites, one probably, and a 75% sure. Sounds like a gathering to me Tomorrow I'll post some of the gear that might make an appearance.
  8. Jose Perez

    Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Meet 10-8-06

    Well after a long summer it looks like the time is right for a meet here in SE Wisconsin. There's been plenty of talk and it looks like folks in the area are primed to get together so who am I to stop them? So without further adieu let me get things rolling by offering up my apartment in...
  9. Jose Perez

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Quote: Originally Posted by plainsong No one grokked my awesome Orient Star, huh? Ya know they make their own movements, and are tough to find. I know they didn't cost thousands, but cost isn't the only thing to consider. You're right, someone should have given...
  10. Jose Perez

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    My collection keeps growing (up to 25 watches now) but here's my most recent and current favorite: That isn't my picture but better than what I could put together. It's a Nomos Orion with a saphire back to showcase the movement. Loving it
  11. Jose Perez

    Meet in Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin Area

    Quote: Originally Posted by vberch Jose, I am very much interested! Either of those dates will work for me. Let's lock the date. Anyone else is interested? I figured the first weekend in October (the weekend of the 7th-8th) would give folks enough time to make plans. Either...
  12. Jose Perez

    Ray LaMontagne - Till The Sun Turns Black

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ingo Do either of you know of Amos Lee? If you don't, pick up his CD. Amos has a smoother voice and more of a Soul sound. Man I got nothing but love for Amos Lee. I got his self titled disc after seeing one of those Customers who bought this also bought...
  13. Jose Perez

    Madison, WI meet?

    I'm up for hosting another meet at my place in Waukesha. Yeah its a few miles from Madison but its closer to those just outside of Milwaukee that might have been able to make it otherwise. The only weekend that is no good for me is July 22-23. Other than that give me a date and I'll make the...
  14. Jose Perez

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    I went on a bit of a shopping spree the other week and picked up four new pieces. At this point I feel as though I have to stop and catch my breath before I wind up with 50 watches and only one wrist to put them on. Kinda like having 12 sets of headphones and only set of ears Regardless...
  15. Jose Perez

    SE Wisconsin Meet Feb 19th

    Still plenty of time and room if anyone is still thinking about coming out. It's supposed to be VERY cold here this weekend so this is all the more reason to stay inside listening to some sweet music on a good set of headphones
  16. Jose Perez

    SE Wisconsin Meet Feb 19th

    Here's the obligatory Sunday morning bump
  17. Jose Perez

    Wisconsin meet?

    Just an FYI for anyone following this thread. I opened a new thread with meet details located HERE
  18. Jose Perez

    SE Wisconsin Meet Feb 19th

    Well hello everyone. After getting a small bit of feedback on what days work best it looks like Sunday the 19th of February is the only day during the next few weeks that has no direct conflicts for folks to attend. The meet will be held at my apartment in Waukesha, WI (a Western suburb of...
  19. Jose Perez

    Wisconsin meet?

    Well everyone, now that I'm all settled in here I asked the boss and it looks like I've gotten final approval from SWMBO to have a meet here in our apartment. All I need to know is what day works best for everyone. I was thinking sometime in the next 3-4 weeks, either on a Saturday or Sunday...
  20. Jose Perez

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Well I couldn't hold off not buying a new watch forever and I finally cracked yesterday and ordered a dive watch. Now I don't dive, nor am I even remotely athletic, but I do like the looks of them and have been interested in buying a sportier looking watch to wear with some of my more casual...
  21. Jose Perez

    Floppy problems

    I'm hoping one of the computer gurus on here can help me solve a problem I'm having at work. Here's a summary of my problem: I recently started working in a materials testing lab that is using some VERY old machines and software. One of the machines runs on a 486DX50 machine running an older...
  22. Jose Perez

    Poll: What type of shoes do you wear?

    Outside of work I almost always wear my LL Bean Comfort Mocs. I own 3 pair and they are incredibly comfy At work though, I usually wear one of my pairs of Sketchers, either one of my pairs of low-cut padded collar oxfords or the mid-height boots. All are more rugged than dress shoes and work...
  23. Jose Perez

    Whats your hardest math course

    Hardest math class I had was a Calculus course I took when I first went to college back in '91. Looking back now, the coursework was not especially difficult, just a freshman level differential equations course for math and engineering majors, but it was being taught by a tenured professor who...
  24. Jose Perez

    Beat This Caption ...Head-Fi Style

    Now if I can only convince Larry to chop down a sequoia to make me some woodies...