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  1. MTL

    Graham Slee Novo vs. 4 other solid state amps

    Thanks to Fritz S. from Vienna, who organized a test sample of the Novo by Graham Slee, this nice little amp currently is on its way through Austria, Switzerland and Germany. So I was able to spend some time with it and compare it to the following amps in my possession: Graham Slee ‚green’...
  2. MTL

    Where to buy Stax in Tokyo?

    Hi - as I will be spending some days in Tokyo at the end of June I was wondering if someone might be able to recommend good headphone / hifi stores in Tokyo which also sell the Stax line... Thanks, Matt
  3. MTL

    Fostex Headphones?

    Just saw pictures from a studio session with Bob Brookmeyer and Kenny Wheeler and they are obviously using Fostex T40 RPs in that studio. Anyone ever heard these or the T50s? Are they any good or are they just being used due to being more sturdy than other phones or having better fit /...
  4. MTL

    Diana Krall: The girl in the other room

    So at last: Ms. Krall is back with some music (seems her marriage with Elvis Costello has achieved quite something here... ) After her shallower last studio recordings, “The Girl in the other room” really is more than just a pleasant surprise. It’s among her best albums yet, and it’s certainly...