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  1. phosfiend

    RME Babyface Pro good for 600 ohm headphones?

    Yewps! Mis-typed, meant the 1/4” out! Corrected, thanks! That makes sense, as a 6DBu difference is non-trivial. I can’t say as I noticed a sound difference though, your ears are better than mine!
  2. phosfiend

    RME Babyface Pro good for 600 ohm headphones?

    For the future searchers out there - the RME Babyface pro headphone out is very powerful. I have used the following at the following volumes which are comfortable to me (which are probably a bit louder than average, but not deafening) Hifiman HE4XX @ around 25% Beyer DT880/250 @ a bit above 25%...
  3. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    I ended up with the 840s. I tried the 940s, and they were more comfortable, but the construction seemed more delicate (perhaps not, but that was my impression). The sound of them, while also very good (they were my #2 pick) didn't seem quite as 'neutral' to me - they were more fun to listen to...
  4. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    Ok, lots of great opinions here. I'll have to try to track these down locally to give them the comfort test. Thanks guys!
  5. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    Thanks!   Lots of good notes here re:glasses, and driving the T50RP. Also, I was concerned about the m50x size - I've owned some ATs in the past, but my huge head is at the max. I'm going go to try some of these on!
  6. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    No one else? I'm leaning towards the Shures
  7. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    Interesting - when I used to frequent Head-fi years ago, that was considered a very bassy headphone, and not really associated with clarity. Am I wrong here?
  8. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    So, my trusty Beyer DT250-80's that I've used for years are finally starting to go :( and I'm looking for replacements to use in my very non-pro home studio. I do sound design for videogames & when I have time, make IDMish music. I do my critical work on monitors, but being a home studio, lots...
  9. phosfiend

    Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

    Bought what I'm guessing is the non-updated version with the mic for the old iphone. Bought the GF the sennheiser canalphones and considered getting them as well. Glad I splurged on the Phonak's instead, as I was genuinely surprised at how good they sound and how bloody comfortable they are...
  10. phosfiend

    Need decent cheap efficient clip-ons - IN CANADA

    Hey guys, Got a little project I want to try and hack together by the weekend. Need a KSC75-like clip-on and they need to be purchasable this week in Canada. I've never seen a pair of KSC75's for sale in radioshack/circuitcity, so any other suggestions of where to get some cheap Clip-ons in...
  11. phosfiend

    Sony player kinda ruined the iPod for me.

    I was amazed that the clix 2 sounded better than my sony A3000 - I bought the sony knowing that I would have to struggle through mediocre software and a weak-sauced slow-as-molasses interface in favor of really great sound. It's a shame I find the clix 2 too small, because it's an otherwise...
  12. phosfiend

    Review: ZERO 24 BIT/192KHz DAC/Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp

    Great review - did you get to spend any time testing low impedance/highly efficient phones on the ZERO?
  13. phosfiend

    DJ headphones...are they (even) worth it ?

    Used to spin, but found more love in production, in my short stint with tables, and interacting with other DJ's, I have tried a few of these cans.. - technics RPDJ 1200 (great, if i needed a supraaural, bomb-proof portable, this'd be it - also the most capable "DJ" can of the bunch, but not...
  14. phosfiend

    A decent 5 disc changer around 300$

    My father's beloved 5-Disc changer finally died (Teac I believe). The prized feature was the ability to shuffle tracks from all 5 CDs, with little to no effort. He's looking to replace his old player but hasn't found quite what he's looking for. How does the Sony SCDCE595 weigh in and does it...
  15. phosfiend

    Quebecers - Denon AH-D2000 at Dumoulin

    After a bit more research, I suspect they may have been black D1000's, oh well.
  16. phosfiend

    Quebecers - Denon AH-D2000 at Dumoulin

    Just a heads up We were slipping by Dumoulin to pick up a busted SLR lens, and I spotted these on the way out. I haven't been paying attention to the scene lately so I didn't exactly recognize them at the time. Price check was $198, Canadian of course. There's a slim chance they might have...
  17. phosfiend

    Your hastiest album review:

    Kyuss - I was used to 90's cheese metal or whatever $#!TE I was listening to at the time so when I heard Kyuss, I thought it was slow and boring, wow I was an idiot. Kyuss certainly grew on me and now has a comfortable spot near the top of my all-time favorite list.
  18. phosfiend

    Year Zero: Whos got it?

    It's a good disc. definitely a breath of fresh air after with teeth, which I came away super disappointed from. tracks 13 + 14 are awesome together. Trent pushes his voice, and I love the progression.
  19. phosfiend

    Screw on mini to 1/4 plugs?

    better photo, Audio Technica PRO700 on the left, BeyerDynamic DT250 on the right. What I am looking for are replacements for the entire thing, threaded 3.5mm plug PLUS the 6.3mm screw-on adapter - someone here can surely save the day...
  20. phosfiend

    Don't want an ipod. Any audiophile alternatives?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shureman I have a Sony HD5 for a while and it just died on me. I can't stand the flat sound of ipod. Any suggestion? Thanks, Well, I never recommend SONY players to those that haven't braved SONY software, but chances are you're used to it. If you can...
  21. phosfiend

    Screw on mini to 1/4 plugs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by [AK]Zip I have 6 screw on adapters that go from 1/8in to 1/4in. If interested send me a PM. -Alex- Hey Alex, that's a great offer, and if I were just missing the adapter, I'd jump on one (actually, might be handy to have a spare). The sad thing is...
  22. phosfiend

    Amp for W5000 on a budget

    Let us know what you think of the HA25D, it's on my shortlist of possible upgrades.
  23. phosfiend

    Sony NWA3000 question

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sparky191 I use 4.2/4.3 a lot with my HiMD. Never had any issues with it. But I don't like it. and I wouldn't use it for my main player or to manage my library. Ditto iTunes for that matter. If you are archiving your library, I would pick an open format...
  24. phosfiend

    Am i the only one who really enjoys sony's audio devices?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mikejungle you really think the a808 will be worth waiting for? i sort of wanted 20 gigs because i'm constantly running out of space on mine. I'm of the mind that running out space will happen regardless of capacity, Also I cant imagine paying for...
  25. phosfiend

    Am i the only one who really enjoys sony's audio devices?

    i really like the sound of my a3000 - i think this player has a lot of flaws, but it makes up for it in sound.