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  1. myphone

    New ASL Reference tool

    Has anyone tried the new ASL reference tool line to phone converter with HD 600? If it works, it seems to be a good way to eliminate an amp!
  2. myphone

    How to recharge batteries for CT470

    Hi all. I bought a demo CT 470 without all the accessaries. My question is how do you recharge the rechangeble batteries? Pop in 2 NimH in the battery compartment in the CDP using outboard DC supply or use separate charger to charge betteries outside the CDP? Thanks in advance.
  3. myphone

    ZOTL power to HD600

    According to reviews, ZOTL seems to drive HD600 quit well. I am wondering how much power can ZOTL deliver to HD600's high 300 ohm impedance. According to OTL specs: 1w to 4 ohms and 0.5 w to 8 ohms. Has anyone compared ZOTL sound to MG Head? Is it worth the extra $400? Appreciate your input.
  4. myphone

    Which one to get: Koss ESP/950 or Sennheiser HD600/MG Head combo?

    Have not head either of them. Given a choice, which one should I get? Any suggestions? Thank you.
  5. myphone

    How to drive eheadphone using a power amp?

    I have an audio research classic 30 tube amp sitting around. Wonder if I could use it as headphone amp for AKG or other headphones? Any suggestions. Thanks.
  6. myphone

    what phone to get for adcom pre amp?

    Hi everyone: New to real headphone area. I have an adcom 555 preamp which has a headphone output, how good is it? According to manual, the phone section was designed for 100 to 2000 ohm headphones. I listen to most classical and jazz. Can it drive the HD600 well? Is there any other suggestion...