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  1. mywallethurts

    Headphone stores in Singapore

    Hi all,   ill be going there this coming 3rd week of april where should i go to? the only place i know selling some headphones is sim lim square i prefer places near orchard road thanks a lot 
  2. mywallethurts

    legendary earbuds of the 80's-90's

    anybody using e484 e282 e262 d9 v9 j7? cant seem to find any recent posts anymore
  3. mywallethurts

    sansa clip+ cant detect a new 16gb sansa microsd class 4

    the title says it all. i bought a new microsd and filled it up with flac. inserted it in my clip+ and it cant be detected but when i plug my clip+ to the usb, it reads the internal and external memory. i take the card out and put it in an sd adapter. insert it in a card reader and it also works...