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  1. Juergen

    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    Thanks, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Actually, the main cable is the same (1/8") Techflex in black.  It is just stretched out more so the red cable shows through.  The design was inspired by my Zu Mobeus cable for my Senn HD600 I bought quite a few years ago.  I didn't feel like...
  2. Juergen

    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    My first headphone cable.      Canare L-4E6S Star-Quad (Red) Techflex 1/8" sleeving (red & black) ViaBlue T6s 1/4" Extra connectors supplied with HE-500s 
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  4. Juergen

    Do you have tinnitus?

    Quote: Originally Posted by steviebee Edit\ OT I know but I have to ask, what the hell do gigs/concerts sound like w/ ear protection in? Surely muffled & treble cut to some degree? The last 5 or 6 concerts that I've been to I wadded up a little tissue and put it in my ears to...
  5. Juergen

    ER-4P repair

    How long have you had them? The warranty from Etymotic is 2 years. I had a crack on my 4S's and had them replaced free of charge (under warranty). I have even heard that some have had repairs done for free even after the warranty period. It wouldn't hurt to give them a call. Good Luck
  6. Juergen

    Amp repair Advice

    I replaced the cap last night and it works! Unfortunately the 75V rating is going to bother me till the end of time unless I replace it. So I guess I'll shop around and get a proper one soon. Thanks to all for the advice.
  7. Juergen

    Amp repair Advice

    I forgot to mention that I do have the service manual w/ schematics. If I remember correctly, according to the schematic each side of the ps secondary saw 63V. 75V is over that but is it enough of a safety margin? Anyway, I just got back w/ a pair for $8 each so I'll give it a shot.
  8. Juergen

    MP3s on a Nano

    Quote: Originally Posted by LaBreaHead "Currently I store all of our ripped MP3s on one computer and share them across the network." Don't forget to have a back-up (you probably already do -- I'd just hate for something to happen that would force you to have to re-rip the family...
  9. Juergen

    Did anyone see Letterman (oops, I mean Leno) last night?

    From Zap2it TV listing: Late Show With David Letterman Ventriloquist Jay Johnson and Darwin; actor Patrick Dempsey; Kasabian performs. CC Stereo Edit: This was the info from the listing. That doesn't necessarily mean that is who actually performed. I say this because out of curiosity I...
  10. Juergen

    Pink Balls Lottery 2006-CANCELLED.

    5210207 courtesy of
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    Quote: Originally Posted by milkpowder ...You'll be much better enjoying real, loose tea I have tried a few loose teas in the past. What I need to do is go to a real shop and get small amounts of various teas to try. I hate buying a tea, not liking it, then feeling like I have...
  12. Juergen

    Dynahi PS + smoke = BAD

    Quote: Originally Posted by steinchen after some months of service my Dynahi PSU died too. I switched the amp on to let it warm up and had it on just a few minutes when something inside the case exploded, creating a small cloud rising through the ventilated top panel and blowing the...
  13. Juergen

    LCD TV help

    Quote: Originally Posted by JaGWiRE I see. I am thinking of getting a HDTV digital cable box, but for a while I may just have OTA. So let me ask you, how many channels can you get with OTA, and are there a lot of HD ones? I could live with like channels 1-10 for a while I am sure...
  14. Juergen

    LCD TV help

    Quote: Originally Posted by JaGWiRE ... Another thing is what is the ATSC tuner? Does this mean I don't need to buy the digital HDTV cable box if I want digital cable (I read something about cable cards or something, but don't know much about this?) Or does it simply mean I get all the...
  15. Juergen

    Changing my name to Valhalla

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik I voted other because I think that "Radio Shack 15-2433" has a certain ring to it..... In case anyone was wondering....
  16. Juergen

    Post pics of your builds....

    Quote: Originally Posted by saturnine .... Those heatsinks do look a little small though, have you had any problems with overheating? .... So far I haven't had any problems (knocking on wood). I haven't had it on for more than an hour and a half continuously though. The case is...
  17. Juergen

    Post pics of your builds....

    My DynaHi is finally finished. It's been finished for a while but I was waiting to get the right knob. I want to thank all of the previous DynaHi builders ( I learned alot from everyone's 'adventures' with this project), Steinchen (for sourcing the power button), dgardner (for supplying the psu...
  18. Juergen

    Headphone tube amp for under 300.00???

    You could find a used Music Fidelity XCanV2 in that budget. Very tweakable. check out PinkFloyd's page:
  19. Juergen

    Making a headphone run from power-amp speaker outs
  20. Juergen

    Best effective way to cut heatshrink?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MASantos THere is this thing I don't know the name in english, used to cut paper, photos etc. It has an area with measurements nad then on the edge has a sharpblade which is fixed on one end. This allows to cut at exactly 90º. I'll try t find a picture so you...
  21. Juergen

    Bending transistor leads for Dynahi?

    The AC ground from the power cord should be tied to the chassis. The PSU and amp board grounds should be tied together. Do a search for "star ground" here and you should come up with a thread discussing the subtleties of this concept. Tying the chassis and signal ground has solved hum problems...
  22. Juergen

    I didn't think i would enjoy vinyl

    I have a love/hate relationship with vinyl. Actually I currently have no relationship with vinyl. Back in the day (before CDs) I constantly struggled with keeping dust off of my records and tt. The clicks and pops drove me crazy. Keeping my records and tt clean was a huge burden. On the other...
  23. Juergen

    Dynahi PSU Questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by sbelyo Here's my BOM. It's missing the 10K pot that's on AMB's schematic. .. I used a Bourns 10K trimmer (Mouser #652-3296W-1-103LF)
  24. Juergen


    Quote: Originally Posted by mikeblas Do you find that this is an accurate representation of the lettering? When I print, the font stroke seems impossibly thin. I'm using the default tool in the font dialog (which I think is an 0.6mm engraver, if I remember correctly). Did you find it...
  25. Juergen


    You can also print out your panel design to scale so you can get a good feel for its' size.