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  1. tenzip

    Interesting a cappella group

    This is, IMO, a very good video of an a capella group doing Toto's "Africa". The "drummer" cracked me up. The beginning is quite interesting. Turn it up, it seemed on the quiet side to me, at least in the beginning. Linky And maybe this has been posted before.
  2. tenzip

    Schumacher to come out of retirement to replace Massa!

    Wow! I'm stoked to hear Michael will be in a Ferrari again. I very much enjoyed watching him drive, he was always so smooth, that's probably why he was so good in the wet. And he has 4 weeks to get back in the swing of things before he has to race, too. I bet a lot of the current drivers are...
  3. tenzip

    Will an amp do me any good?

    Hello all, I am a complete noob at this, I wandered in looking for some reviews of in-ear headphones to replace the stock 'phones that will be coming with my mp3 player. I've only spent about 6-8 hours browsing the boards since then. Fascinating. Another black hole for time and money, when I...