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  1. sithjedi333

    How do you EQ a Frequency Response graph to produce a reference sound?

    Hi,   There are a lot of sources for FR graphs, such as Innerfidelity. Once you have the graph, how do you adjust EQ to achieve a more reference type sound?   Most of the experts here do it by ear, but for those of us who aren't so talented, can we make ballpark adjustments off the graph, at...
  2. sithjedi333

    Where to demo UM Miracle, JH16 Freqphase, JH13 and Heir 8.A in NYC?

    Is there anywhere to demo these bad boys?   Very happy with my 4.As, they're the gateway drug that put me on the path to wallet destruction.   Thanks.
  3. sithjedi333

    New Shure IEM lineup announced at CES Shure -- maker of yummy-sounding, somewhat-affordable headphones -- introduced its new SE line, which promises to deliver beefier bass and more comfort when you stick 'em in your ears. The top of the line SE530 is a rebranding of last...