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  1. aphinity

    Better DAC than the Anedio D2 DAC? (sub $2000, good with Macs, integrated headphone amp, balanced xlr outs)

    Hey all,   I've been doing a ton of research the last few months on DACs in the sub $2000 range and look forward to finally getting one.  As I mentioned in the thread title, requirements for the DAC are sub $2000, good with Macs, integrated headphone amp, and balanced xlr outputs for...
  2. aphinity

    Great XLR Connects Under $100?

    looking to get xlr interconnectors to connect an audiolab m-dac to dynaudio dbm50 monitors.   i would much appreciate recommends in the $100 or below range.  amazon availability would be great too....   thanks!
  3. aphinity

    Alternatives to DacMagic Plus to drive headphones and monitors

    Hi all,   Can anyone recommend good alternatives to the DacMagic Plus to drive headphones and monitors?  Something that might be a better value?  I'm willing to spend $500ish though....   Thanks!
  4. aphinity

    Alessandro Grado MS2i - Photos - Too Flashy?

    Hey all you Alessandro Grado MS2i owners, can I ask you a few questions?   How do you feel about the Alessandro Grado MS2i aesthetics?  Is the metal too bright/shiny?   Looking for a pair for home use so ultimately i guess it really doesn't matter how flashy they are...   Anybody got...
  5. aphinity

    Alternatives to NuForce Icon-2? Good desktop amps?

    the NuForce Icon-2 looks like a cool option.  wondering if y'all could recommend other Integrated Desktop Amplifiers?   "Operating from a technology platform that has won Nuforce numerous awards and rave reviews, Nuforce’s Second-Generation Icon is an audiophile-grade Integrated Desktop...
  6. aphinity

    DacMagic 100 + Swan M200MkIII = good compact computer audio setup? other recommends?

      Hi all,   Thinking about upgrading my desktop audio components here as I'm currently using an Emagic EMI 2|6 audio interface and Bose companion 2 speakers.   I'm tight on space here so there's a premium on size.   Looks like the DacMagic 100 + Swan M200MkIII would run about...
  7. aphinity

    opinions on the beyerdymanic DT 860 Edition 2007?

    hey all, wondering if anyone round here owns/owned the beyerdynamic DT 860 Edition 2007 and can comment on their sound/value/build? thanks.