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  1. ebjred

    Meze Audio LIRIC - The portable isodynamic hybrid array headphone

    Plastic that will be in a dump in a few years. I will take the dead animal parts. Thanks. Especially for $2000 thousand dollars. Perhaps a leather option for non vegans? They make leather pads for the other Elite.
  2. ebjred

    USB-C Sucks. 3.5mm Is Real Sound!!!

    Yes, we should let companies take advantage of us because children in Africa are starving...
  3. Sennheiser HD 25 Limited Version (Yellow Pads)

    HD 25 Limited Version (Yellow Pads) Comes with the box. used has some scratches / wear. some of the plastic broke off on the plug. Other general similar wear.
  4. Shanling M3X Tanchjim Asano Tanch & Moondrop Mitsukihimi Limited Edition

    Used Shanling M3X Tanchjim Asano Tanch & Moondrop Mitsukihimi Limited Edition $385 Shipped within the USA Paypal accepted
  5. Verum One MK2 Carbon Fiber

    Used Verum One MK2, black / carbon fiber A few scratches / wear. Circle-ish marks / wear on the headband adjustment. $300 Shipped within USA.
  6. Beyerdynamic Custom Studio

    Used custom studio $100 shipped within the USA. Accept PayPal.
  7. ebjred

    Verum One MKII 5 month review and journey

    The OP mentions the controversy in post. Many don't care. (I don't.)
  8. ebjred

    Feedback by 'ebjred' on listing 'Magnum drivers / Headphones'

    Received payment, smooth transaction.
  9. ebjred

    Feedback by 'ebjred' on listing 'Grado Hemp (Chipped Badge) shown in picture'

    Received payment, smooth transaction.
  10. ebjred

    Feedback by 'ebjred' on listing 'Grado Hemp'

    Received payment, smooth transaction.
  11. ebjred

    Feedback by 'ebjred' on listing 'ALO Audio Amphora Headphone Amp'

    Received payment, smooth transaction.
  12. ebjred

    Feedback by 'ebjred' on listing 'Final Audio Sonorous III'

    Received payment, smooth transaction.
  13. Final Audio Sonorous III

    Used, headband has some wear $180 shipped within the USA, Paypal accept for payment.
  14. JDS Labs Element II (Red ring version)

    Used JDS Labs Element II Comes with the USB cable and power adapter. No other cables included. Original Packing not included. $320 shipped by USPS within the USA Accept Paypal.
  15. Magnum drivers / Headphones

    Metal cups from Earphone DIY Labs Drivers from Symphones (V9 drivers) Wood Inserts / put together by Wabi Sabi Headphones Pads are not Grado, I think the came with the Metal cups. Working headphones, includes one cable. Paypal $180 within the USA
  16. SOLD Fostex TH-X00PH (Purpleheart) Used condition

    SOLD Used condition Fostex TH-X00PH (Purpleheart) Headband a bit worn, some scratches in the cups. $400 shipped within the USA / Paypal.
  17. Grado Hemp (Chipped Badge) shown in picture

    Used Grado Hemp, Badge that states "Grado Hemp" on one of the cups has a chip in it. Shown in the pictures. $330 shipped within the United States Paypal
  18. Avantone Pro Planar Red Version

    No retail box, Shipped within the USA. $300 shipped, accept paypal.
  19. ebjred

    New V Moda Crossfade M100 Master

    Their newer offerings seems to have gotten average reviews and many complaints. It seems like this update won't have near the hype or success of the original.
  20. ebjred

    Audeze SINE Series

    Only reason I am not getting the Mobius is because the headphone doesn't work wired without being charged. As a portable, 4 hours battery life is unacceptable. Even if the Mobius is better, the Sine is the better portable.
  21. ebjred

    Fostex T-X0 Massdrop edition

    From what I have heard the driver is exactly the same, with different internals of the headphone. Unless these have been properly tuned as they imply, a second hand mkiii would be the better value.
  22. ebjred

    Koss Portapro Thread

    The Porta Pro limited editions seem to be available now:   As far as I have read, the only difference apart from the colors are microphone / volume control with the cable and an included hard case. They claim that these will be "very limited" quantities. I wonder what...