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  1. emmodad

    Seeking a little help from Italian / Italy-based forum member(s)

    bump again if folk are wondering, I fear that a lovely friend from my younger days may have succumbed to COVID; whether that is medical reason or not, I would like to send respects to their family if I can obtain address, or name of their church, or...
  2. emmodad

    Etymotic Research ETY-COM wired mono headset | alternatives?

    Mods, my apologies. If probably more appropriate, could you pls move this post to the Help/Recommendations forum? thank you
  3. emmodad

    Etymotic Research ETY-COM wired mono headset | alternatives?

    hi for medical reasons, i should not use bluetooth headset have just posted a WTB in Headphones for Sale/Trade forum. wondering if anyone might suggest any ETY-COM wired alternative(s) with which you've had good experience? trying to avoid earbud+danglemic. homeless and broke, so cost is a...
  4. emmodad

    Seeking a little help from Italian / Italy-based forum member(s)

    hello So this all started when I was listening to Oro Incenso & Birra which triggered some memories... I'm trying to track down some recent info about a dear friend and their family, most probably to be found in a government public database or Milano-area newspaper/website. I would appreciate...
  5. emmodad

    What % of equipment reviews do you believe?

    +1 to the comments about the perilous lack of quality prevalent in internet fora / blog posting, especially equipment "reviews".   Another interesting correlation (a depressing one, at that) can often be found when comparing the sheer volume of declarative, "technical" review posting (or...
  6. emmodad

    Encoding Theories

    some other things to be aware of, DecentLevi:   1/  regarding your perceptions, others have weighed in, or will do so on the contentious topic of benefits from increased sampling rates (a situation which has many constituent factors).  But wrt your understanding on the "resolution" side of...
  7. emmodad

    [medical 911] NEED HELP!!! fast pack+move large music collection Palo Alto CA

    tyvm all for thoughts and support small update -- many interrelated things going on, fighting hard to not melt down... positive: managed to get very short extension (from today to saturday) for getting as as much as possible moved out. otherwise, still no solutions to lodging or actually...
  8. emmodad

    [medical 911] NEED HELP!!! fast pack+move large music collection Palo Alto CA

    First:  Jude, my apologies, would have posted this earlier on head-fi, but with all due respect for your work and one of the finest communities on the web, my only computer is older and not handling the site well.  Please understand, I love head-fi, but too little computer horsepower coupled...
  9. emmodad

    Live from Ebbets Field Vol 1 - anyone have it?

      Live from Ebbets Field Vol 1 - anyone have it?   well, I could be in better medical condition, but I have a dear friend in Europe who's much worse off.  I'm trying to put together a small gift containing a few things that are of strong sentimental value from 70's days in Denver and...
  10. emmodad

    24bit vs 16bit, the myth exploded!

      Quote: sigh, internet memes...... as much as i would be pleased by hi-res downloads within the apple ecosystem...... can anyone point to an actual verifiable source confirming that *apple* itself has presented info regarding intention to do 24-bit downloads?   so far, all of the...
  11. emmodad

    Wellington NZ - recommendations for medical care providers?

      hello all,   a dear friend of mine has just relocated to Wellington. as is often the case on arrival, little of life's "infrastructure" is in place. she is dealing with some challenging medical issues. wondering if any of you can, from personal experience, provide suggestions /...
  12. emmodad

    24bit vs 16bit, the myth exploded!

    Quote:   in the real world, it is also perfectly possible to have a situation where music sampled at 44.1 can be more accurately reconstructed than music sampled at 96.....   (albeit a degenerate case which presumes poor signal processing system design)   just harry, claude et al...
  13. emmodad

    iTunes & Apple Lossless transcoding

    Quote:   ummmmm....not quite.   yes, the concept of "music content protection" was a key background item behind the development of ALAC   however, apple's creation of a new lossless compression scheme was not driven by a draconian/conspiracy relationship between apple desire...
  14. emmodad

    Building a Headphone Measurement Lab

    best wishes for satisfaction, scary thrills and a sense of wonder in the new venture, Tyll. may your challenges be great and your headaches be small..... chuck
  15. emmodad

    Why do i need to set volumes to %100

    some of the above posts expound on the "problem with digital volume control" (my quotes) in rather absolute terms. as is unfortunately the case with many HF threads concerning digital audio, there seems to be a possible lack of completeness a/o understanding on the part of the author(s) wrt...
  16. emmodad

    Is DAC1 series ever on sale/discounted?

    DAC-1 product family itself "on sale": have never seen it; to my knowledge, benchmark dealers adhere to an RRP system however: 1/ you may watch for the occasional short-term, seasonal general discounts at some internet retailers such as musicdirect; or sweetwater and other "pro audio"...
  17. emmodad

    why do transports sound different?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nick_charles It is worse than that. Steve N. was the lead designer for the Pentium II and holds several patents, is a well-lauded engineer and designer, credit where it is due. Nick, as you almost invariably seem to have credible, researched...
  18. emmodad

    Bit depth and sampling frequency explained

    from another thread, here's a pointer to some useful and not-overly-technical reading (from Pohlmann, Principles of Digital Audio)
  19. emmodad

    Ripping SACDs via SPDIF at 176.4 with a PS3

    Quote: Originally Posted by shamu144 While I can see how the PS3 would benefit from a good "inhouse" algorithm to downconvert DSD to 176.4, I still have serious doubts regarding jitter in such a set up... What about the internal clock quality of the PS3, especially when it travels...
  20. emmodad

    Can DVD-A be output at full resolution to a DAC?

    it *should* be crippled over SPDIF if correctly meeting DRM requirements however, there were / (are?) a few rare players which pass 24/192 via SPDIF coax, ie the panasonic DVD-S47 (probably an implementation mistake on their part)
  21. emmodad

    NOS DAC - Marketing BS?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dan Lavry Phillips, the maker of those IC's was already into oversampling by up to X8, and that was way back then. In fact Phillips was one of the driving forces behind oversampling and up-sampling early on. Why would anyone choose to think that the IC maker...
  22. emmodad

    Review of Audio-GD DAC-19MK3

    has anyone had an opportunity to listen to the DAC-19MK3 (using the PMD100 configuration) specifically wrt HDCD playback decode performance, ie in comparison with any CD players having integrated HDCD decoding (such as oppo and other units)? there are very few standalone DAC products...
  23. emmodad

    CD and SACD formats questions

    brighten, ditto on the yah, me either, but i've missed gregorio's entertaining posts sooooooooooo much. and let's not forget his charming way with insulting and attacking anyone who dares question his (self-proclaimed) authority. thread after thread where he rants about the evil of hi-res...