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  1. sapphiremodena

    What book are you reading right now?

    - Bone (The Complete Comics) by Jeff Smith - Cradle to Cradle - 101 Things I Learned In Architecture School - Alton Brown's I'm Just Here For The Food - Tom Kundig: Houses
  2. sapphiremodena

    HF-1 the Insanity Continues

    Quote: Originally Posted by elrod-tom In a perfect world, I suppose, all the profit made over and above the $200 purchase price would be donated to THAT would be an end-result that nobody could reasonably get upset about. I've been away from Head-Fi for years, and...
  3. sapphiremodena

    Excuse my ignorance, but why are HF-1s fetching so much cash lately?

    Ah, I see. I'm kind of afraid to modify them, but maybe someday. My first reaction when I saw how much they are going for lately, was "Wow.. I probably shouldn't wear these to school anymore."
  4. sapphiremodena

    How's the Koss KSC75?

    As far as bang for the buck, they're excellent. Very good sound quality for a $30 headphone. I got mine for about $15-20 a year or two ago and they are running strong. They don't look very cool, in my opinion, but I still walk the dog in them most days. Mainly I use them around the house...
  5. sapphiremodena

    Excuse my ignorance, but why are HF-1s fetching so much cash lately?

    Hi all, I've been a Head-Fier for years now, but I've hardly ventured away from the Music/Off-Topic forums for the last couple years. After lots of research, I bought some HD-580s, HF-1s, E2Cs and KSC-75s and decided to never look back, for the sake of my wallet. So it goes without saying...
  6. sapphiremodena

    Interesting/Disturbing Pic - should have been in Koyaanisqatsi

    Quote: Originally Posted by gautam do not give me that crappy art ********. i can put a piece of dog **** on an ipod (or any other mp3player) and say it represents how our generation is loosing the true quality of music or some other crap. it does not. its just a frickin piece of dog...
  7. sapphiremodena

    New Sigur Ros album- free stream on!

    Quote: Originally Posted by dgbiker1 Good news, it looks like they'll be in our neck of the woods early in October! Ooh, really! Where did you hear this? I must not be looking in the right places. To those who are waiting for better quality, there are good versions to be found...
  8. sapphiremodena

    Question: A watch with fixed hands and rotating faces?

    It had this sort of style, except the full face was exposed rather than covered, and it was round rather than square. These are awesome but they are $400 unfortunately. A little too pricey for this stage of my life. Nixon
  9. sapphiremodena

    New Radiohead On October 10th

    Good thing you only bid 1GBP.
  10. sapphiremodena

    Favorite Canadian Albums from 2007

    Quote: Originally Posted by sebascrub x2... I love it. X3 for Matthew Good's "Hospital Music". Just an excellent, powerful, honest and heartfelt album all around. Just saw him playing solo at the Centre in Vancouver and he was amazing.
  11. sapphiremodena

    Safe Lyrics Site?

    Seconded, is the best, without a doubt. I have a lot of fun reading other people's insights about what they think the song means, and how they decipher the lyrics. Also often people will post backstories about the musician that opens your eyes to the perspective of the person...
  12. sapphiremodena

    How NOT to rob a liquor store :)

    Ahahahaha oh my god, that had me in stitches. So damn funny. You totally know what's gonna happen next, but when it happens it's still unexpectedly hilarious.
  13. sapphiremodena

    Vancouver – Used CD stores – Are these any good?

    I definitely second those that Camille suggested, especially Zulu Records. I've been to Zulu many times but haven't been to Scratch or Red Cat, from what I hear they are similar, maybe smaller stores? In Zulu when you go in, there is a CD side of the store (left side/main entrance) and a...
  14. sapphiremodena

    Has anyone here ever worked at Earls Restaurant?

    After a couple days of not getting a call back, the guy called me today at my other job, and asked me if I could come in tomorrow at 3:30pm until 11:30pm. On Halloween night. It's funny, my first reaction was: "well, bussing home should be an interesting adventure" but after thinking about it...
  15. sapphiremodena

    What do you do to stay energetic and positive?

    To introduce this question, I'd like to start off by telling you why I'm asking it: Sometimes I find myself drained or lethargic and once I'm in that state, it's that much harder to get up out of it. Lately I've found that a good way to stay energetic and maintain a positive mindset is simply...
  16. sapphiremodena

    Has anyone here ever worked at Earls Restaurant?

    I am being considered as a candidate for a job opening at Earls Restaurant, I think in the next couple days I will know if I'm hired or not. The job is for kitchen work, ie. being a cook, and normally I would not be eligible for this type of job, seeing as how I have zero experience as a cook...
  17. sapphiremodena

    Cat Tongue

    Is that real?
  18. sapphiremodena

    Is this funny?

    I'm with roadtonowhere on this one: Love a good laugh at someone's expense, but ultimately, it didn't make me laugh cause the lady reacting only in laughter but not compassion, was to me not funny at all, in fact I would probably slap her in the mouth if that were my kid and she sat there...
  19. sapphiremodena

    Help!: I'm looking to choose a profession, but am feeling lost on the whole concept..

    Hey folks! So here's my situation. I've been out of high school for 3 years now, working full time at a meat counter, and saving tuition money while trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, career-wise. After a few years of that, I have the tuition money saved up but I really...
  20. sapphiremodena

    Favorite TV show? (i.e. what's on your TIVO?)

    It's all about Arrested Development. Nothing compares in my books. Then, there's Scrubs, Lost, Family Guy, The Office, Sons and Daughters, Desperate Housewives, and of course 24.
  21. sapphiremodena

    Anyone feeling Radiohead's "Hail to the thief" album?

    Quote: Originally Posted by feh1325 sit down stand up was my marching band fieldshow last year and the ballad was its not up to you by bjork ...i'm not kidding, PM me if u want the midi or the band playing it Thanks feh1325 for sending me this, it sounds super cool, and I love...
  22. sapphiremodena

    Sushi-Fi? Suggestions?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jlo mein A high end sushi place locally serves Lobster sashimi. They slice up the tail meat, but also serve the rest of the loster whole as presentation. They tell you to only eat the tail portion though... I always wondered how safe it would be as Lobster...
  23. sapphiremodena

    Arrested Development cancelled? The possible demise of an amazing tv show.

    Keep in mind that, though very rare, there is a chance the writers just made that up for humour's sake. Though, being a fan for a long time, they really don't tend to make stuff up very often, even the minute details are actually real or logically explainable.
  24. sapphiremodena

    I have a favor to ask... can you write poorly?

    Quote: Originally Posted by familyman haha in your rewrite, "I'd" should not be capitalized. It shouldn't? Why not?
  25. sapphiremodena

    Arrested Development cancelled? The possible demise of an amazing tv show.

    ... [SPOILER ALERT!]Well, as it turns out (because of Lindsay being adopted) the GM and Maeby stuff wasn't incestuous, nor was Lindsay/Michael, nor GOB/Lindsay, nor even Nellie/Michael... did I miss any other combinations? There were a lot, indeed. That being said, when GOB went to hit on...