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  1. Tomm11

    New Tribrid ???

    Just stumbled across this one ... Shozy Magma. DD/ BA / 2 x EST ETA next month (12/2021). Looks like the are offering the Magma for $400 for early bird pre-orders. I liked the Form's but Shozy has been too hit and miss for me to take a flyer. Still, I'll be watching for impressions when...
  2. Tomm11

    Question regarding 3.5mm phone/optical out

    Surely a dumb question but ... I have a Cowon Plenue DAP in which the 3.5mm jack also doubles as an optical out. I would like to try connecting the Plenue to my DAC which accepts Toslink (among other connections). Is a Mini-Toslink the correct connector for the 3.5mm jack on the Plenue? Thanks
  3. Tomm11

    Fiio X5 III line out.

    Does anyone happen to know the output impedance of the line out for the Fiio X5 III ? Thanks