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  1. jplacson

    Just bought AKG K171's - need help w/amplification

    I too found it weird that the K171's have the "DJ" tag in their description... but I think I found the problem. It lies in the K171's heritage for broadcast "radio" DJs... not the electronica type that the K181/81/518DJ cans are for. Hehehehe... it's a generation gap. :P
  2. jplacson

    Review: Portable amp roundup! 56 portable amps reviewed and compared - FINAL update 12-20-10 added RSA SR-71B

    Sorry if this has been asked before... can't seem to find a specific answer... but I'm considering buying the MOVE, now, my specific need is an amp that's got strong bass in the 100Hz and below range. YOu gave the MOVE an A+ in bass, along with the UHA3... does that mean that they are equally...
  3. jplacson

    Portable amp for AKG 240DF?

    I saw a few older threads here regarding the AKG 240DFs. I currently use these in the studio mostly for tracking and listening for glitches in recorded tracks. I do like how they sound, and they bring out a lot of detail. They're not bright, and they come prety close to Mackie monitors (which...
  4. jplacson

    As promised, the direct comparo of Hornet vs. Move

    Hi everyone...newbie here. I read somewhere that the Xin amps have slightly more bass than the Corda amps. Has anyone tried comparing the XIn amps to the new Move and rate the bass response? Thanks!