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  1. noinimod

    Audio-GD Reference 7 - the new flagship DAC

    Kingwa states in the nfb1/nfb7 page that he's been testing the sabre chip for over a year, and i'm guessing over that long period of time maybe he figured out that the 1 sabre chip could sound as good as 8 x pcm1704 chips. Obviously it makes a lot more economic sense for him to use 1 sabre than...
  2. noinimod

    What is the Best Hearing Protection?

    Quote: yea you can, they're the usual rubber/silicon-ish material so no worries  
  3. noinimod

    What is the Best Hearing Protection?

    seriously speaking, the stems are unnoticeable once you have it on. i've used the ety er20 red earplugs in clubs, gigs and concerts so many times and nobody has ever noticed it before. In places like these, the last thing people look at are your ears, so don't sweat it  
  4. noinimod

    Desktop speakers vs. my Senn 595s?

    If the hd595 is not giving you enough bass, the a2 definitely won't cut it. Heck, even the bigger a5 won't.
  5. noinimod

    Can I get some Audio-GD DAC advice please?

    Seems like a strange question to ask why kingwa would put in extra transformers. I mean if it gives better sonics, then why not?   FWIW, i'm using the lil dynaudio BM5As with a rythmik f12 sub and they sound amazing with the AG dac9mk3 + c39 pre.   If you're looking for really deep...
  6. noinimod

    Usb 24 192khz M2tech Hiface

    Man, the hiface is getting to me. Is there anyone else on windows 7, 64 bit getting random BSODs also? I'm using JRMC 15 on KS. WASAPI doesn't work, for some reason. I'm writing an email to Marco to ask him how to solve the problem.
  7. noinimod

    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Quote: After all the trouble i went to for my 75 ohm BNC connectors, dang. Did you swap out the BNC socket on your hiface?  
  8. noinimod

    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    The Tenor chip is adaptive. Woot, the hiface is a 75 ohm BNC? Damn it, i need to replace the BNC on mine then
  9. noinimod

    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Quote: it isn't a guess, lol. <USD200 is the price kingwa quoted me  
  10. noinimod

    Usb 24 192khz M2tech Hiface

    Quote: Pretty good recording, although the double bass is turned up pretty hot   Quote: No spittyness at my side, no weird sibilance. I'm using the hiface bnc -> audio gd dac9mk3.If anything, it's probably a slight fuzzy gruff in his voice that sounds like a fault of the...
  11. noinimod

    Adam Audio A7 or Dynaudio BM5A

    Quote: Yea some headamps come with a pre function also, but how well that works vis-a-vis a stand-alone preamp is another thing altogether. If you're looking at Adam/Dynaudio/Focal, you probably care enough about fidelity not to cheap out on a lousy (read: most headamps) pre.   That...
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  14. noinimod

    Audio-gd Reference 1 DAC (56 K warning)

    I was wondering the same too, whether the BNC's a true 75 ohm. So i opened up my dac9mk3 just now and took some pictures of the BNC connector.   Apologies for the poor picture quality. It reads: "BCJ-RUD". Google then brought me here...
  15. noinimod

    Audio GD Reference 5 coming soon

    Quote: the Audiophilleo's something like, USD 895? I could get both the hiface AND halide for the money lol.  
  16. noinimod

    Are Audio-Gd DAC's all that?

    Quote: Yea, only that this is the Dedicated Source Components section, not the dedicated Headphones section.   Of course you could. Whether or not that would be ideal, is another thing altogether  
  17. noinimod

    Are Audio-Gd DAC's all that?

    Quote: The sparrow can't be used as a stand alone dac and/or pre, so it's not a fair comparison. Not everyone listens to their music using cans exclusively man  
  18. noinimod

    Are Audio-Gd DAC's all that?

      Quote: I totally agree. If they had a dac+pre model, i would have got that instead of the c39+dac9mk3 combo. That's not to say it isn't great cos it is, but a dac+pre combo would save a lot of space. The way i see it, Kingwa's philosophy might be that since his gear is really...
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    Filco with Brown Cherries. I really love them, one of my best computer hardware purchases for sure. On a side note, does anyone know how i can restore that new-keyboard-feeling coating on the keys? I really liked that feeling but after the multiple cleanings, it's gone =\
  20. noinimod

    What's the next step up from the Audioengine A5's

    DaveBSC: I totally agree with what you said. Thing is, when a sub is well-integrated into a stereo setup, it more often than not creates an illusion of a more expansive and immersive sound-stage.. for whatever reason, lol.   i crossover my rythmik f12 @ 50hz. There's surprisingly a healthy...
  21. noinimod

    Audio gd Sparrow Blind Test

    Quote: Biggest flaw imo, touched only briefly (surprisingly) by some. I had a go with the same roxette song (lossless) and it sounded terrible on my setup. Nothing elitist at all and i'm not dissing anyone's music preference. The cruel truth is simply that a song can have a nice melody but...
  22. noinimod

    Review of the Audio-gd DAC-19 DSP & C2 amp - The ACSS connection

    Very interesting, i'm curious too. Anyone asked kingwa why dac9mk3 is worse than dac3se in SE? I'm guessing it's something to do with all the power regulation in the 9mk3 'shared' between both the phase and anti-phase for balanced operation whereas the SE in the dac3 gets the full share lol  ...
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