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  1. jussi2013

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    Which mods are recommended today, if I just want to make it closer to 800S, and don't want to test everything?   SuperDupont Resonator + Dust Covers removed, that's it?
  2. jussi2013

    Comfort mod: HD650 headband padding on the Pro 900

    Awesome, im gonna do this mod to my Ultrasone's as well. They really start to hurt after one hour or so.    So must get a HD650 padding, but.. if you are ok with destroying your crappy Ultrasone original padding (I am of course), just detach it from the headband with the original velcros...
  3. jussi2013

    Philips Fidelio X2?!

    I just got one brand new for 150€ from a local shop. Good price, eh?    Didn't know anything about the quality issues before buying, of course..   If they are real (Gibsons sound like **** etc.)   Of course box tells mine are Gibson made, but aren't they all these days?   They are well...
  4. jussi2013

    Review of Audio Technica ATH-CKR9 & ATH-CKR10

    I can't EQ, but JVC dots do sound noticeably better, and about 80% of time they "work", so I still recommend them, especially if you can EQ. Stock is never too bright for me. JVC dots have much more treble, slightly larger soundstage, and clearer sound overall, and just as much bass.   Overall...
  5. jussi2013

    Review of Audio Technica ATH-CKR9 & ATH-CKR10

    I just got CKR9 with the JVC Spiral Dots (EP-FX9M-B), and to me it's obvious, that JVC dots make certain tracks unlistenable because of the tearing treble. And I do like bright sound in other headphones, but it's just too harsh. Yeah, it sounds slightly better than stock when it's not going too...
  6. jussi2013

    Reply to review by 'jussi2013' on item 'Sennheiser CX 300 II-Black'

    Sorry just laughing because, even though I've had about 15 headphones, these are my only made by Sennheiser. And if this is best Sennheiser has to offer, im not keen at all to hear HD800. :)
  7. jussi2013

    Aune M1, powerful WAV player

    Successfully updated to V3.0, had to press stop-button while switching on..    Might be placebo or small burn in, but does sound even better now.    Pic of the screen, can't see battery information at all.
  8. jussi2013

    Aune M1, powerful WAV player

    Thanks a lot for the firmware, but I still don't quite understand the updating process.   What is this talk about ARM software? Seems the connection is working, but how can I start the actual update process?   When I install the USB port driver...
  9. jussi2013

    No sound through SPDIF

    I got my SMSL SD 793II dac which can use coaxial or optical digital connections.   I decided to use optical and got my cable. It worked great in my other computer but not in this.   My motherboard is ASUS P5Q SE2 so I had to buy optical SPDIF bracket to...
  10. jussi2013

    Cheap DAC+AMP combos from ebay

    Yes I noticed and it's a real problem as I don't have SPDIF in my old computer where im planning to use it. But still, I can buy extension card later. So I bought the SMSL. It seems to be much more popular now, so I assume it's better (and also looks better). Also is cheaper. And here is my...
  11. jussi2013

    Logitech Z2300 to DAC, how?

    Solved. The control unit of Z2300 sucks. I had to pull the volume knob upwards and the right channel came back. I was just lucky with phone. Sorry bout that.
  12. jussi2013

    Logitech Z2300 to DAC, how?

    Thanks for your reply. I sticked my Sennheiser CX 300s to line out with that cable and they sound good, so it should work? Maybe I'll buy smaller adapter without cables or something.
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