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    New DAC / Amp - uDac 2, E-MU 0204, Audinst HUD-MX1, Yulong U100

    I am currently using the uDac V1, but recently purchased some 1964 customs and can't help but wonder if my uDac is now the weakest link in my chain.  I have read many reviews, but just wanted to get a couple more opinions before I pull the trigger.  Do I buy the uDac 2 upgrade for $65, go all in...
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    Denon D2000 for $215.74

    The Denon D2000s are on Amazon for $215.74 today.  Usually jumps back up to $240 by the next day.   Denon D2000 $215.74
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    Synergy is King

    Over the last few years I was continually upgrading my DAPs and headphones as everyone else here does. I would buy a new DAP or headphone in an effort to upgrade that link in the chain. Like many here though I would test it mainly with my FOTM DAP or headphone. Example: I would test new DAP...
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    Sansa Clip+ 8gb only $57.95!

    That's right, the acclaimed Clip+ 8gb is on sale at Amazon for only $57.95 NEW! Link -- Sansa Clip+ 8gb
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    Lossless albums!!!

    Has anyone read about the site? It seems they have LOSSLESS FLAC downloads completely DRM free! It doesn't seem to have mainstream music just yet, but ti seems to finally be a step in the right direction for audiophiles. it also sends album art and linear notes in a pdf file.
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    Turtle Beach Micro

    I needed something that I could hook up to all of my desktop and/or laptops that would give me an spdif out to my Onkyo receiver for my home speaker set-up. I saw this little USB "soundcard" and decided why not try it for $25. I plugged it in to the USB port, hooked up a toslink cable and BAM I...
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    Old Sonys keep getting cheaper!!!

    The old 8gb Sony NWZ-A818 is now only $159.00 Shipped! This truly is a great DAP. GREAT SQ, good eq options, easy to use interface, and even comes with "decent" canalphones. IMHO its the bast sounding unmodded flash DAP out there. Sony NWZ-A818
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    HUGE DENON C751 SALE $119.25 Shipped!!!

    The acclaimed Denon C751 (newer, but same as C700) is on a huge sale right now. Only $119.25 shipped! And you thought $128 was good! I doubt this sale will last more then a day or two though: Denon AH-C751 If you are looking for full size phones, the D2000 are also on sale...
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    SA6 or Livewires

    I have been enjoying my Denon C700 for a couple moths now, but I get upgraditis every few months. My next step will either be the Sleek Audio SA 6 or a pair of Livewires. I love upfront vocals. IMHO the Denons vocals excell. I love deep bass. It doesn't have to be loud, but deep and...
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    Amazon finally has 16gb Sony NWZ-A729!!!

    I have been waiting for Amazon to finally start selling the new Sony DAPs in 16gb! I'm finally getting mine! Sony NWZ-A729
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    Sony NWZ-A series on sale at Amazon!!! 02/22

    Amazon has dropped the price on the Sony NWZ-A series once again. You should probably hurry since the last deal only lasted a couple hours (Sony NWZ-A series on sale at Amazon!!! 02/18 : Sony NWZ-A818 8gb $177.00 Sony NWZ-A816 4gb $129.99
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    Spny NWZ-A series on sale at Amazon!!! 02/18

    Amazon has dropped the price on the Sony NWZ-A series once again. You should probaly hurry since these deals onlyl ast a couple days: Sony NWZ-A818 8gb $177.00 Sony NWZ-A816 4gb $137.47
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    Denon C700 on Sale at Amazon again 02/13!!!

    Amazon has the Denon C700 on a little sale again. $134.11. It's not $99.99, but it's still a good deal. Denon AH-C700 Check out the reviews:
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    Need help -- Digital out for laptop

    I am having trouble figuring out exactly what I should when it comes to my laptop. Basically all I want/need is to get a quality digital aduio signal out of my laptop (spdif) to send to my home receiver or possibly a DAC/AMP in the future. Any suggestions?
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    All Cowon's now on sale!!!

    All you Cowon fan's out there will be pleased to know that Cowon has just slashed prices on ALL of their players. Check below: Cowon D2 4gb $145.55 Cowon D2 8gb $179.99 Cowon iAudio 7 8gb $149.12 Cowon iAudio 7 16gb $189.99 Cowon A3 30gb $299.99 Cowon A3 60gb $349.99 Even...