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  1. K

    Contributing Member

    Hey a few weeks back I donated some money to head-fi. Anyonoe know how long it takes the site to update your status as a contributor? Kevin
  2. K

    UM2 - What does it come with?

    Hehe. So I guess the spending spree begins as these are my second set of cans in as many weeks . Anyhow, I was just wondering what these badboys come with? Is it a soft case or a hard case? Is the listening experience fairly close to a 595? I went with the UM2 since it was described as...
  3. K

    SoCal Stores with high end cans?

    Anyone know of any stores in orange county, ca area that carries beyers/akg's? I just cancled my DT990 order because they weren't able to ship for another month or so but I need to satisfy my itch now.
  4. K

    DT990 vs HD595

    Anyone had a chance to listen to both and have any input? The reviews I've read are fairly similar. They seem like pretty well balanced cans that do a lot of things well. Any differences I should be aware of?