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  1. Killercrush

    Anyone in NEW YORK near Brooklyn, willing to HELP me out ?! SCAM...

    OK, here's the deal : Back in winter of this year, I bought an Oliver Powerflex 502 bass amp + cabinet for $1000. The seller (Say Mr. X) wanted me to pay with a money order, which I did. I also asked him to take the unit to Mr. Jess Oliver, who lives near Brooklyn, for a repair job. He did...
  2. Killercrush

    The eBay world is way too cruel! HP1000 content.

    GRADO HP1000 Classic Signature Headphones-VG/Exe.-NR - eBay (item 280265549460 end time Sep-10-08 19:50:36 PDT) I was watching this auction quite closely, it had a starting price of $699. I even asked a question about the cable.. Only to found out about only a day after the auction was...
  3. Killercrush

    Flats now $35 ?!

    Any reason why the price jumped 5 bucks up ?!
  4. Killercrush

    The Black Grado SR325 Appreciation Thread (Also, SR100/200/300) : I can't wait to wear these things ! Pretty sweet imo. I wonder if nikongod has them, oh yeah... he does! Good job then. What about derekbmn ?! Damn, he also has them, haha. I know there's other HFs who can chime in, speak up !!!
  5. Killercrush

    Anybody in Canada able to resolder the cable on the left side of my Grado SR100 ?

    Hi everyone ! The connection on the left side of my Grado SR100 is cutting off if I don't hold the cable so I'm basically looking for someone in Canada who can just resolder the wire, keeping the same cable. I can supply you a small amount to cover the time spent and for the shipping back...
  6. Killercrush

    Happy Birthday lmilhan !!!

    Have a good one lmilhan ! Hope you'll enjoy your new Grado PS-2 soon... ?! I'll try to find the PS-1 prototype for ya ! hehe
  7. Killercrush

    Who owns the only stock Melos SHA-X now ?

    I know that there's two of them and Zanth owns one that was modded by Carlo himself and there's another one in existence that some Head-fier own. If somebody knows who or if somebody have pics of it, I would be really grateful ! Sincerely, Julien [EDIT 1] Ok, I found out that Grinch...
  8. Killercrush

    Closed cans w/ the tightest bass for bass practicing < $399 ?

    Hi ! I'm a bass guitar player and I'm looking for closed cans for bass practicing when I'll not be able to practice with an amp. My main criterias are : 1. Tightest neutral bass at least down to 25-30Hz. 2. Comfortable for long time mix monitoring/studio recording. 3. Biggest...
  9. Killercrush

    Melos SHA-1 or Gilmore V2-SE for SR-200/SR-100 ?

    Hi fellow head-fiers! I just bought myself a pair of Joe Grado SR-200 so I'm wondering if the Melos SHA-1 would be a good match with them. Any sub-$600 amp that can have a better synergy? What I would want is razor tight bass, great soundstage depth, moving dynamics, HF extension, neutrality...
  10. Killercrush

    If RWA would make an Imod with the 1st Gen Nano 4GB again, would you buy one?

    As you can see in this thread : Red Wine Audio did make an Imod Nano but this is the only one ever. [EDIT] Personally, the main reasons why I would buy it over an Imod photo 60 GB : 1. Lighter and smaller size, see here the...
  11. Killercrush

    Sennheiser HD25 vs other $200 iems

    Hi fellow head-fiers! I just bought an ipod photo 60gb and I need portable headphones/iems wich will be drive by the player itself. So far, Sennheiser HD25 is my best shot for portable closed headphones. Now, I need some advices on iems like ety er-4s/p or any other $200 ones (used/new)...
  12. Killercrush

    The upcoming Portaphile Shohin!

    Can't believe what I just read over at the portaphile website! That is some good news I believe ! The most interesting thing about this, is the features of his future amp : Small Size 3"X2.75"X0.75" (Slightly...
  13. Killercrush

    Anyone with 2006 Dt-770 thinking of Darth Beying them ?

    I was wondering if it was possible to mod the new 2006 Beyerdynamic dt-770 into Darth Beyer ? Anyone has this same curiosity ?
  14. Killercrush

    Incase Neoprene Multifunction Sleeve for Ipod 4g

    I've been searching for a '' Incase Neoprene multifunction sport case '' for a 4g ipod for about 2 hours on the net and can't find it, so if somebody can help me with that, it would be great !!! Here's what I'm talking about (It's the Indigo one in the pics) ...
  15. Killercrush

    What about Rockboxed 60GB photo Imod colorwared?

    Hi there fellow head-fiers !!! I got a plan and I want to know if its possible. First, I spotted a $20 broken '' Sad face icon '' Ipod 4g 60GB photo on Ebay : '' I have here a 60gb photo ipod that I got back in Late May of 2006. Last week when I was listinening to it, it locked up and I...