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  1. *645-k701

    *Look-Out* eBay warning HP-1,HP-2,HF-1 Preparing myself for the hate PM's from at least 1/5 current bidders on there for the HP-1's
  2. *645-k701

    Ola tomahawk users..

    I'll bother Ray if i get *one response from this thread. My *Tommy* at random times Act's out as if the power switch has been turned off, it starts to *Fuzz out on me if i Tap it or jiggle a bit it works normal. When i say act's out on me, I mean it acts as if the batterys are running...
  3. *645-k701

    Opinions needed. *TEAC - NAD*

    Teac A-H300 Mk II (250€) Or NAD 3220 pe (240€) 2x sony SS-LA500ED speakers will be run through it. For me it's the NAD. But im just after any opinions what-so-ever. Don't be shy.. =)
  4. *645-k701


    I cant seem to dig up much info on this Machine. Looks like it does just about everything. (Foot Pedal in) woot.
  5. *645-k701

    Help needed, AMP question.

    Ive got my eyes on a old, but still New(in box) NAD 3220PE. Im pritty sure i had this exact same amp when i was 15 or so, got it from a cash converters or somthing. I recall the NAD amp i had to be great for the money for the month or so i had it before its internals burnt out. My...
  6. *645-k701

    How tough is your Nano ?

    Mines a little nugget with a mind of its own. It's about 2 or so months old now, Ive had only two hassles with it so far. First occoured about 3 weeks ago. After burning my tomahawk in with it, continually for around 450-550 hours, I finally decided to let the battery run down to about...
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    Cheers Headfi/people.

    Finding this site made winter disappear fast. gaming was keeping me up at night. wakes at 6.45 am were a joke.. found head-fi, some tunes, read some Sweet posts/threads.. early bed, easy hours at work.. cheers people.. 8 )
  8. *645-k701

    iTunes Hassle (help needed)

    I ran a quick search, its was pritty quick, diddnt find any help concerning: When im burning discs to iTunes it sometimes breaks them up into single songs. Peeping tom Feat.... laadeda feat... ect ect. It makes iTunes messy, and scrolling through on the ipod is irritating at the least...
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    Best Tr'Hip-hop of the 90's

    The Pharcyde A Tribe Called Quest Gang Starr De La Soul Sure there is more, but these are the chosen few that done it for me. Remind me of all the others i forgot to mention. and get a bacon 'n cheese zinger.. =)
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    RS-1 re-cable

    Silver and Blue Dragon cables Don't seem to be an option for me. (make these already bright grado's too bright) In desperate need of some suggestions here. Any help is much appreciated, you can throw any ideas about.
  11. *645-k701

    What to look for in AKG K1000.

    How hard are they to come across these days? what is the highest/lowest price they go for? what things to look-out for in "older" well used ones. Im interested in the investment.
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    Laagy headfi server..

    who runs this server? could they get a better domain or summat. It lags so bad this time of the day. even with my 8mb bb conny, it still takes 30 secs to loads pages ,(without images).. the states* daytime at a guess.. has it always been like this, or just loads of newbies like myself ...