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  1. xuxu

    Quick question for Audioengine A2 owners - please chime in

    Did you buy it second hand ? It looks like someone poked a finger where they shouldn't have. I did that to a driver once, by accident.
  2. xuxu

    Any experiences with the HRT Music Streamer?

    it's pretty nice but if you read the Measurements page of the Stereophile review you will see that it measured a bit poorly in terms of resolution (14 bit). I like it for electronic/ pop music where the recording is usually compressed to begin with. Very listenable, all the same.
  3. xuxu

    Sony + Grado = $150?

    One word comes to mind... "why"? CUSTOM GRADO HEADPHONES PRESTIGE SERIES W/2 HEADBANDS - eBay (item 360122813199 end time Feb-08-09 15:22:08 PST)
  4. xuxu

    The Grado SR325i Appreciation Thread!

    They have a reputation for some harshness but my feeling is that they are just extremely revealing of whatever is driving them, so are not harsh in and of themselves. I've only got one other mid-priced set to reference the Grado against and that's the Yamaha closed back studio monitors my mom...
  5. xuxu

    Hearing Loss

    how loud is too loud on a pair of headphones ? If you can hear the music from across the room after you've taken them off... ?
  6. xuxu

    Are there Silver SR325i's

    OK I bought these just a few weeks back. S/N = 110 here's a pic from my webcam.
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