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    Amp Solutions for Pair of Bookshelves

    I've been debating getting a decent set of Paradigm Atoms or something of that sort to replace my current computer speakers.  Now I know I can use a standard receiever/amp but that's simply not going to work given the space I have (and the fact that it's a disgusting eye sore).   What other...
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    WTB: Denon D2000's

    Whoa, thought I posted it there. Please move mods .
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    WTB: Denon D2000's

    Hey guys, Looking to try something other than my Ultrasone 750's. Anyone have one they would like to sell? Thanks. KEvin
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    Futuresonics Atrio M5

    Quote: Originally Posted by bigizzy75 So would this mean that the SE530 will be better for rock? Or that it that its just more universally friendly? Is anyone a huge Classic Rock listener around this parts? Do these do that genre well? Cheers, Izzy I'm listening to...
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    Futuresonics Atrio M5

    I just got my Atrios from a fellow head-fier. I used the UM2 before and the Atrios is so far and away a better set of IEM's than the westones. IEM technology has sure improved significantly since I bought the Westones a few years ago.
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    super-fi.4!? Ultimate 4vi Mobile Earphones for iPhone: Electronics
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    Test your hearing

    69% on tone preception - Normal didn't try pitch 84% on rhythm - Outstanding 31 years old. First try on those two.
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    AD-700 Arrived!

    Quote: Originally Posted by d-cee glad to see the AD series of audio technica headphones (outsided of the AD2000) are getting the attention they deserve! We've had and known about these headphones for a while in Oz, sad that they're not so readily available in USA otherwise against...
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    Where to find a Big to Small headphone jack adapter?

    Long story short, I broke the small tip on my Senn HD-595. This is annoying to say the least as it's now permanently stuck in the headphone jack of my laptop (don't ask). Is there a local store I can find this at? Tx in advance! kev
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    Bit the bullet and purchased HD-595 for $170

    Quote: Originally Posted by guvnor Where did you get them for that price? I've been looking on eBay for one and the best I saw was about $190 without shipping. Could you send me a link to the seller? Just go to compuplus dude.
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    Bit the bullet and purchased HD-595 for $170

    Quote: Originally Posted by RnB180 Did I get a good deal? $170 shipped Found an auction for it on ebay, the seller has a good rep and the auction stated brand new factory sealed. I dont know if its a refurb though. Auction doesnt state it, did I make a mistake? I heard the...
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    UM2 - What does it come with?

    Quote: Originally Posted by music251 Don't fret so much over the UM2. They do sound great, and what is also very important - they are very practical to use. Easy to insert and comfortable to wear (more so than other models after what I've read here...). The EQ'ing is a bit frustrating...
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    AKG K 701 - I am excited

    Quote: Originally Posted by warpdriver Considering that people dump hundreds, or thousands of dollars into headphones/amps/cables/sources/music collections, $500 for one set of 650's doesn't really seem outrageous. High end headphones are LUXURY items, and by the definition of the...
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    UM2 - What does it come with?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Borat In terms of soundstage and quantity of bass, the SF5Pro sounds like a full size headphone. The soundstage rivals that of the Sennheiser HD650 IMO (wider, but falls a little short in depth) if this is important to you. Damn...yeah it really is. I...
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    UM2 - What does it come with?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT After September 1, 05, It comes with 4 pairs of comply tips, a loop cleaning tool, zip case (soft case), and instruction manual. Before Sept 1, it came with a pelican case instead of the soft case. It does sound like a full size headphone and has...
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    My dt-990 pro's came!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by VR6ofpain Is there a delay if you order these from amazon right now? Also is there both a DT-990 and a DT-990 Pro? If so what is the difference between the Pro and non-Pro. I like how they say "2 x 250 ohms" on them. Very cool. Man for $160...This could be...
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    Suggestions for first serious headphone purchase

    AKG240S. you can try it out at Guitar Center if you have one close by and return it if you don't like it.
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    BEYER DT990: listenings and comparison (DT880)

    I can't WAIT for mine to arrived after reading this review . I'm considering a Pimeta to power this as I have a local seller that I can pick it up from. Would that be enough? I'd be willing to go as high as $200 for an amp/cable package that could do these and my AKG271s some manner of...
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    Pimeta + DT990 ?

    Will the Pimeta have enough oomph to drive it? Anyone with experience in both have any opinions?
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    any problems with REFURBISHED headphones (hd595)?

    Quote: Originally Posted by theyeti A major american technology website is currently selling the senn HD595's at a REFURBISHED price of $179.25. Seeing as they usually sell around $250 it sounds like a good deal. They...
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    just ordered 990 pro's

    Damn that's a good price. Are you guys getting 2-3 week shipping times? That's pretty annoying. I'm getting bored of my AKG 271s already.
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    Akg k271s question..please help

    Quote: Originally Posted by plus_c A happy K271 owner checking in here - I think you'll really like these headphones for your intended use. I listen to everything - rock to rap to classical, and these 'phones handle them well. A Zu Mobius makes an almost night-and-day difference in the...
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