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  1. arijspieter

    Cleaning old headphone: foamcrumble inside

    So I recently found out we still have a very nice pair of headphones (Philips N6330) lying around at home and decided to try them out (parents thought they were broken since they hardly output anything without an amp lol). Yesterday I cleaned them out and opened them to see that the foam inside...
  2. arijspieter

    The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

    Hi! Im a belgian student and for me most things here a pretty new. Last year i earned some money with a student job and i decided to spend everything together with the money i saved. I bought a dt770 pro 250 ohm headphone cause i heard so much good things about them it seemed like a great...
  3. arijspieter

    400€ to spend in a good audio system for pc. Help me pls.

    i can really recommend you the razer carcharias (stereo headset). it's cheap (€75) and it's really good value, for gaming and music (you're a gamer, not?)   for gaming i use dolby headphone and 7.1 virtualisation with a xonar stx. the dobly things work pretty good and the stx also makes...
  4. arijspieter

    What's the weirdest music you've ever heard?

    nothing more weird and great as KOOL KEITH, the absolute underground hip hop master   his first album Dr. Octagonecologyst is released under the name of Dr. Octagon. Dr. Octagon is time traveling creature and gynecologist (=Doctor) from Jupiter. I can't describe him more here, it's just...
  5. arijspieter

    Using the Xonar STX properly

    i have the stx and i am using the unified drivers   when installing them, check the c-media panel and leave the rest like it is. once installed, the c-media panel will be launched (in background, taskbar) when booting and if u want to use your (old) xonar audio center, you need to manually...
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  7. arijspieter

    Static Hiss From Xonar Essence ST (very apparent when mic boost is on)

    i do have the same hiss as you do. no idea how to get rid of it though... :/ (and i also have a seperate, modular psu cable going from my cooler master m600 to my xonar stx) but if i turn off mic boost, i can't hear anything when monitoring my mic...(razer carcharias headset mic) it's not...
  8. arijspieter

    M-audio can't make reliable monitors?

    they will only be used for listening music
  9. arijspieter

    STX + foobar + WASAPI

    the problem is solved! actually i have no idea why, maybe just because of a reboot? i dunno, but it works properly now and that's what matters
  10. arijspieter

    Help choosing a new sound card

    i have the essence stx and i just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences (although i do game, i'm more a music listener)
  11. arijspieter

    STX + foobar + WASAPI

    yesterday i decided to try wasapi with foobar i got everything working and foobar gets exclusive access to my asus xonar essence stx but the strange thing is: if i don't use "Hifi mode" in the xonar audio center while playing audio through foobar with wasapi exclusive mode, the audio...
  12. arijspieter

    Advice needed with my new Creative sound card and Creative speakers, how to plug it all in? lol!! and more advice please

    Quote:   i don't have it but you can read a review of someone on this forum who does have it here: also, there is no low latency asio driver for this card and i've been told by a friend of...
  13. arijspieter

    Balanced or Unbalanced?

    i have an asus xonar essence stx card and i'm planning to buy the krk rp5 "rokit 5" g2 these krk's have balanced inputs and rca, unbalanced input. as my stx only has unbalanced, rca outputs, i would just do stx (rca) >> (rca) krk's the cable will only be 1.5m long   is this a good idea...
  14. arijspieter

    M-audio can't make reliable monitors?

    Quote:   thanks for response. yes, but a decent pair of speakers shouldn't fail so quick as i read... i also have other speaker such as a very old pair of b&w bookshelves and they still work fine. i even have a cheap €250 philips system that still works great after 3-4years.   but...
  15. arijspieter

    M-audio can't make reliable monitors?

    i have heard a lot of good things about m-audio speakers/monitors (bx5, av40,...) because of their great sound for a such a small price (i don't have any myself). but, i've also seen multiple posts of people whose m-audio speakers are broke within 2years of normal use(broken capacitors and...