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  1. Zoide

    Wireless closed headphones for under $100?

    My girlfriend wants some wireless headphones for use mostly at the office and maybe a little bit at home.  It's a gift for her and she's not an audiophile at all, so they don't have to be super high-end.  I might get her a uDac-2 later on, but for now her primary source will most likely be her...
  2. Zoide

    Schiit Asgard VS Meier Concerto for HE-5LE?

    I currently have the HE-5LE paired up with a Meier-Audio Corda Opera (DAC+Amp).  I want to buy the Audio-GD DAC-19 DSP, which involves selling the Opera and getting a standalone Amp.   I know the prices are *very* different.  But ignoring that, what would pair better with the HE-5LE + DAC-19...
  3. Zoide

    FX700 or DBA-02?

      Arrgghhh...  All this FX700 talk is making me think of getting them instead of the DBA-02.  I listen to some not-so-well-recorded music, and I think I'd rather have bass slam than potentially annoying bright highs.  As long as the bassy FX700's don't sound veiled...   Any reason besides...
  4. Zoide

    Discreet external DAC/sound card for office use?

    I'm thinking of getting an external DAC or sound card for my laptop at work.  The idea is that I can use a big external HD and play the music from the laptop instead of being limited to my iPod's 60GB of storage.   However, I'd like the DAC to be very discreet.  As in, I don't want my...
  5. Zoide

    Ultrasone Edition 9 Headband Position

    As I've stretched out the headband, the My Edition 9 have definitely gotten more comfortable. The only thing that I still find weird is that I can't seem to wear them in the "correct" position. What do I mean? The picture below helps explain. BTW, I produced the image by borrowing the one...
  6. Zoide

    Ultrasone Edition 9 Impressions Thread

    I'm starting this thread in order to collect impressions of the Ultrasone Edition 9. Quite a few people ordered them some time ago, so I was wondering if there was anything new to be shared. In the spirit of the recent de-big Ultrasone thread-ification, it seems fitting to spawn off a new, to...
  7. Zoide

    New DT990s vs. RS-1s?

    Has anyone compared the new DT990s vs. the RS-1s? I think jpelg commented on it, but I need as much info as I can. Seeing the B&H price and all the positive things coming out about the DT990s, I am very tempted
  8. Zoide

    Reversed Bowls

    I've been trying reversed bowls lately, but I'm not sure if I'm doing things right. Here's what I do: However, the pad doesn't fit very well, since the ridge that holds it in the reversed position is softer than the one in the non-reversed position. What happens is that the pad...
  9. Zoide

    RS-1 + C-Pads vs. GS-1000?

    It seems that the GS-1000 is being described in a similar way to the addition of C-Pads to the RS-1: bigger soundstage, more bass, slightly more distant presentation. Has anyone compared the two? I think this comparison would be much closer and more interesting than just comparing the GS-1000...
  10. Zoide

    SuperMacro IV: A Revolutionary Breakthrough?

    So, this sounds like a tabloid headline, but I'm a Dr. Xin fanboy after all. I think his new line of IV amps (4 channels!) ( should get waaay more attention. I'd thought he had merely miniaturized a currently existing amp architecture, but...
  11. Zoide

    Where to get TORX176?

    Hi, I was trying to fix my DAC2, and I think I accidentally burned out the TORX176 Toslink receiver with my soldering iron... Does anyone know where I could get another one? I'd really appreciate the help (can't live without my DAC! ). Thanks, Andrés
  12. Zoide

    Grado RS-1 QC Issues?

    I was reading through this old thread, where some mentioned that different pairs of RS-1's and MS-Pro's have sounded very different to them. They said that maybe there are QC issues with them (some sound great, others sound thin and shrill, all being the same model). Any more recent opinions...
  13. Zoide

    Low Gain vs. OPA 637 in the SuperMacro?

    I currently have a V1 SuperMacro with the gain switch (gain of 5 in the low position) and I'm using two OPA637's. Oh, and I have the improved volume pot. The thing is, I still get some subtle balance issues at low pot positions, and my cans are very sensitive. So, I could just ask Xin to...
  14. Zoide

    iPod + Subaru Impreza RS?

    Hi, Has anyone connected their iPod to the Subaru Impreza RS radio? I am looking for options for doing this. It seems like a tough choice. FM transmitters are supposed to have bad sound quality, the car's stock radio has no cassette slot so you can't use iPod cassette adaptors, and I don't...
  15. Zoide

    Hmm.. 2X-S Bass Puny vs. MD-33S!

    Just for the heck of it, I got out my MD-33s and listened to some stuff with them... And the bass is like 10X stronger than on the Sensaphonics 2X-S! Of course, the 2X-S bass has more texture, etc, but the MD-33S bass is overwhelmingly stronger. Could it be that something's wrong with my...
  16. Zoide

    "Proper" Dirac Impulse Wave File for Convolving?

    Does anyone have a well-made, "proper" dirac impulse file that could be used for applying filters on it and then convolving? Thanks. Andrés
  17. Zoide

    PPA Bass Boost: EQ Setting to Emulate It?

    Does anyone know what sort of EQ (ie. Foobar EQ or impulse) would best emulate the PPA bass boost? I have tried the SuperMacro bass boost as well as raising the low frequencies on the Foobar EQ, and the PPA one is just *different*. The PPA bass boost doesn't seem to be a simple lifting of the...
  18. Zoide

    Best Complement for 2X-S: CD3K or SR-225?

    So.... I'd planned to sell my CD3Ks for quite some time... And lately I read so many good things about Grados that I just had to try some, and really really liked the SR-225s at a store. I haven't really been able to A/B the SR-225s with the CD3Ks, though, and I'm a very very indecisive...
  19. Zoide

    Grado SR-225 vs. AKG K1000?

    I must say... I listened to the SR-225's yesterday, and I liked them *very* much. In fact, one of the things that surprised me was that the soundstage was *not* inexistent. It was actually quite decent, and the instrument separation seemed pretty good. I also like the very perceivable clarity...
  20. Zoide

    DDDAC1543? Comparisons w/ 0404 & DAC1/2?

    A couple months ago I'd read about the DDDAC1543 non-oversampling DAC, and how pburke was building some. Has anyone received theirs? If so, what are your impressions? How would it compare to a soundcard like the Emu 0404 or DAC's like the Benchmark DAC1 or Bel Canto DAC2? Thanks, Andrés
  21. Zoide

    HELP! I Destroyed My Piccolo DAC!

    So... I was doing some things with my AC adaptor, and switched the polarity.... Then I plugged it into the Piccolo... (sorry for the blurry pics.. don't want to reopen the smelly thing to take them again!) And now a capacitor blew up, and I'm left with a nasty smell, some...
  22. Zoide

    Best SuperMacro Config for Sensaphonics 2X-S?

    Hey Guys, What do you think would be the best SuperMacro configuration to go with the Sensaphonics 2X-S? I emailed Xin yesterday, but I guess he must be very very busy w/ the impending launch and he'll take a while to reply. At the same time, it's a strange situation, b/c Xin's the guy...
  23. Zoide

    Apple Lossless in Foobar?

    Is there a way of playing Apple Lossless encoded files in Foobar? I've tried searching, but haven't found much.
  24. Zoide

    Petition For Gapless Playback on the iPod

    I found this on the ipodlounge forums. It might work:
  25. Zoide

    Source Importance for IEMs?

    OK, so in past days we've heard quite a bit about amps not being really necessary for IEMs like the Sensaphonics 2X-S and the UE10-Pro and UE-5C. They're supposed to be very efficient and run from belt packs, etc. So what about sources? Are IEMs also relatively insensitive to source quality...