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  1. Nospam

    Great price on PX100

    Check out Amazon for a super deal on the PX100. I'm temped to pick up another one for use at work (IEMs block out too much noise).
  2. Nospam

    HD650 on sale at J&R
  3. Nospam

    Headphone out on Sony X707ES?

    I recently purchased a UHC Signature headphone adapter for my father to use with his Mark Levinson ML-9 and HD650. The thing is, he tells me it sounds the same as just using the headphone out of his Sony X707ES. Then again, he has a hard time hearing the ground loop hum coming through the UHC...
  4. Nospam

    Good price on Kester 44 Silver Solder

    For those of you looking for silver-bearing solder,here's the best price I've seen for the Kester 44 version (62% Tin, 36% Lead, 2% Silver). Their part number is: TMT-09-02018 This is for a 1 lb roll. With tax and shipping, it came out to roughly $30.
  5. Nospam

    Head-Fi strikes again!

    Well, I am now the proud (and slightly poorer) owner of a set of Shure E4 IEMs I just can't believe I spent almost $200 for something I'll use mainly when flying (which isn't too often). Anyway, they sound great out of my iPod, with and without the Go-Vibe. Yeah, the bass isn't as strong...
  6. Nospam

    Tube Safety

    I'm thinking of giving a tube amp to a friend as a gift. However, he has five cats, and I'm wondering if there could be a safety issue with the tubes. So, just how hot do tubes tend to get? I've read that the Millet Hybrid tubes run a bit cooler... how much cooler? Are there any other...
  7. Nospam

    PCDP with line-out/optical-out

    OK, I just went through a bunch of old posts, but it looks like people are focusing on different things than what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a PCDP for a very specific use, so I need the following: Good quality transport Good quality line-out Optical-out would be a plus LCD...
  8. Nospam

    Thinking about modding my Heat Gun

    Yeah, it's a bit out-there, but I just had to ask So, I found a great deal on a heat gun ($15 with a bunch of nozzles). The thing is, when I got home, I realized the ouput temps are 700F and 920F. I think it'll still work ok for shrink tubing, but I would prefer to see something closer to...
  9. Nospam

    Looking for a Drill Press - How's this one?

    I'm slowly, and I mean s..l..o..w..l..y.. putting together stuff to complete all the amp boards I've bought I started thinking about getting a drill press, since my hand drilling job on my first two mint cases didn't come out as clean as I would've preferred. The only problem is, I don't...
  10. Nospam

    Trying out the Grado/Alessandro Sound (MS-2 vs HD580/HD280)

    I've been wanting to try something to complement my HD580, and the MS-2 sounded like a good option. So, I grabbed a used pair off the For Sale forum, and it arrived today. So far, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. The two main concerns I had were comfort and brightness. Well...
  11. Nospam

    My First MINT and LED Question

    In case anyone is interested, I finally posted some pictures of my MINT in the picture forum: Now, my question: Does anyone have any suggestions for mounting the LED? Just sticking it out of a hole in the tin works ok, but I'd like...
  12. Nospam

    MINT help needed

    I finally put together my first amp (a Mint), but I could use a few pointers. The good news is, it worked on the 1st try, although the gain was just too high with the std resistor values. So, I lowered R4 to 1K, which I believe gives a gain of around 5. The bad news is, I've noticed that...
  13. Nospam

    Soldering Flux

    It's been many years since I've done any soldering, and I've never used any flux, other than what was in the rosin-core solder. Going through the postings here, I've found a lot of recommendations to use liquid flux for soldering (especially for SMD), but I don't see much information on...
  14. Nospam

    MX500 vs stock iPod earbud?

    So, is the MX500 really any better-sounding than the stock earbuds that come with the iPod? Yes, I know that headphones and canal phones sound much better. However, I want something very portable, which rules out headphone. In addition, I am not interested in canal phone, due to safety...