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  1. zambz

    Widening stereo image using an uncoloured stereo widening plugin

    Hi guys, hope you're all well.   There's a very simple technique that is used in audio processing to narrow and widen a stereo image.  I used to use it all the time during production and even coded a plugin which did it too back when there were limited options.  The algorithms involved are...
  2. zambz

    Tutorial: Most elegant way to run a high quality EQ on OS X

    Hey guys, hope everyone is well.  I would like to guide you through the most elegant way I have found to run any quality parametric EQ on your audio output so that you may equalize your headphones for the optimal listening experience.   What Software You'll Need  ...
  3. zambz

    Email notifications not working on head-fi?

    Hey guys, I notice that I don't get emailed when I get a private message or an update is made to one of the threads I'm subscribed to.  This makes it easy to miss a conversation.   Is anyone else experiencing this problem?   Cheers zambz
  4. zambz

    Audeze questions (LCD-2 revisions, wood, ear pads and comparison to EL-8 and LCD-3)

    Hey there guys, hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season.   I have listened to many open headphones and absolutely love the LCD-2 and also really like the EL-8 open back too.   As such, I have a few questions:   1. LCD-2 Revisions   My understanding is that there are actually 3...
  5. zambz

    A good, well-built and portable headphone with similar sound to the Shure SRH-840s?

    Hello head-fiers,   A few years ago, I bought a pair of Shure SRH-840s and I absolutely adore them!  I have honestly been yet to find another closed headphone (at any price) which sounds as good.  I find the soundstage wide, out of this world mids, smooth yet punchy bass, very crisp (slightly...
  6. zambz

    Anyone heard of SHARP HP-300 (8 ohm) closed headphones?

    I have a pair of these "eexxttreemmmeelllyyy" old headphones here and used to use them from time to time before buying the HD-280 pros (which I'm soon going to get rid of). :)   I was just curious if anyone knows much about them.   In terms of sound (for anyone who is interested), they...
  7. zambz

    HD-280s for monitoring use not really floating my boat, some advice needed? :)

    Hello guys, I'm new here so please be gentle    A little background on me before I get into my issues.  I'm into music production and have a home studio setup here.  I'm running a RME Fireface UC audio interface (which includes a good headphone pre) and was looking to get myself a good new...