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    Graham Slee Novo vs. 4 other solid state amps

    Yes, the Heed with AKG cans is a wonderful match indeed! As for the Solo vs. the bcl I'd have to check again. It may depend on the headphone used (and the music you listen to)... Senns are the Solo's strength. The Lehmann may sound a little dull in direct comparison (at least at first...) but...
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    Graham Slee Novo vs. 4 other solid state amps

    Thanks to Fritz S. from Vienna, who organized a test sample of the Novo by Graham Slee, this nice little amp currently is on its way through Austria, Switzerland and Germany. So I was able to spend some time with it and compare it to the following amps in my possession: Graham Slee ‚green’...
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    D5000, good for jazz?

    I don't think the Denons are not capable of presenting certain timbres - such as piano or sax - relatively truthfully. I listen quite a lot to acoustic jazz and haven't noticed any serious coloration in that regard. But when you do have a problem with your HFI-700s and mushy and diffused bass...
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    Where to buy Stax in Tokyo?

    Thanks everyone! And yes, I know that it's the rainy season The voltage won't be a problem btw - as I'm not looking for amps as well...
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    Where to buy Stax in Tokyo?

    Hi - as I will be spending some days in Tokyo at the end of June I was wondering if someone might be able to recommend good headphone / hifi stores in Tokyo which also sell the Stax line... Thanks, Matt
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    Good viola music?

    Oh, and while talking of Debussy: both, him and Arnold Bax wrote terrific trios for flute, viola and harp (and both in 1915/16, btw).
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    To my fellow jazz listeners: tube or ss w/K501?

    Another vote for the Heed. Compared to the Green Solo I also prefer the Heed Canamp with my K501 - great combo indeed!
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    Amp to drive koss pro4aat

    I couldn't blow any life into these cans with any amp I tried - even really powerfull ones like the Lehmann bcl; and I really wonder if you are really missing something...
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    Which Grado's are a "must-have"?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kamal007 how bout rs2? Only heard the RS2 once but quite liked it back then. Living in Europe the MS-Pro was just the cheaper option for me at that time - but I guess the RS2 also is one of the Grados with a better price-performance-ratio than some.
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    Which Grado's are a "must-have"?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmore If this the true, that Alessandro's sounds like HP series, then I don't understand the whole hype about HP's. So, here we go again, I hardly doubt about similarity between Alessandro's and HP's as well, however never heard of HP series yet. Only...
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    Heed CanAmp

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo ^^^ I just checked and the Lehman has a price of 550 British Pounds or about $1,050. It should be better at 2.4 times the price of a Heed CanAmp. I don't think it works like this with audio gear. And then again: the Heed is about 380 Euros vs...
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    The Music Game VII

    Quote: Originally Posted by ken36 For You-Erroll Garner Next to you - Bell X1
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    What's Better Than a Heed?

    Better than a Heed? I'll soon have a Heed here with me to compare to The Lehmann black cube linear - which has two headphone inputs, which is (also) why I got it: to allow for listening sessions together with my wife. The Lehmann is still the best and most versatile solid state amp I've heard...
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    Review: Entire Meier Audio Headphone Amp Line Compared

    Good job indeed! Answers a lot of questions - thanks!
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    Heed CanAmp

    Quote: Originally Posted by Seba I traded my Headfive + cash for Heed with a fellow Head-fier and waiting the Heed to arrive in next week. Ah, that was you... Tried the same but was a little too late. Anyway - am now waiting for minivan's heed to arrive from Australia! OT...
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    Official Goldring DR150 Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by apatN Where do you people even buy this headphone? For Europe?: I got mine from
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    Need a closed headphone

    Another vote for the Proline 750s. Especially for classical. Tested them extensively against the A900 which - for me - can't do classical at all because they're so unnatural and colored timbre-wise. Proline 750s are pretty accurate though and the headstage is second to none. All imho of course.
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    Headphone for Jazz Instrumentals

    The MS-Pro works just fine for the kind of instrumental jazz you mentioned. I also got the MS-2 - but the Pros just do everything a little better and do add that extra pinch of warmth to acoustic instruments (I use both with flats btw).
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    What are the best closed-back, circumaural headphones...

    Then maybe Ultrasone Proline 650 for $ 250?
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    Which Woodied Grado Costs the Least?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mindless Moon Audio ships Grado's worldwide so I don't see the problem, and Drew is alot cheaper than most retailers. Tried this a while ago and got a mail that they couldn't ship Grados outside the US...
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    which cans are not made in china?

    Of all headphones I own only one is made in China: the Goldring DR150.
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    Are Grados suited for Classical?

    Grados for classical? I think it really depends on what you want in musical reproduction through a headphone. I usually listen to all classical genres from solo through to big orchestral stuff on Grados (HP-2, MS-Pro or PS-1) and don't miss a thing. For me it's more about the proper...
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    What pads do you use with your Grado / Alessandro?

    My vote went to the flats - as I usen these on almost all my Grados and Alessandros. The only exception is the PS1, on which I do prefer the stock bowls.
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    Here it is...the Ultrasone iCans review

    Nice review. The iCans are also my latest addition to my portable headphone collection (PortaPro and iGrado) and I absolutely agree with your findings. Especially the headband is indeed a nasty affair... otherwise I quite like them in quiet surroundings.
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    Yet another "which closed cans?" thread

    If I were you I'd rather not take the A-900 as a. - for a closed pair of cans - its isolation is fairly limited and b. there are better sounding alternatives around for about the same amount of $. Why not try something like Ultrasone's Proline 650 for a change?