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  1. -sandro-

    Looking for gym IEMs

    Hello, I've been using the SoundMagic e30 at the gym while working out...they're amazing especially because of over the ear style but today the left speaker stopped working! they lasted only 4 months and before I had another pair I used at home that died within a the build quality is...
  2. -sandro-

    Looking for new earbuds

    Hello, my latest purchase just died so I'm looking for new in-ear monitors! My maximum budget is $40-45.   I owned the Brainwavz M1 and the SoundMagic E30.   What I liked about the Brainwavz M1:   - I -LOVED- the sound signature and the fun open sound, very balanced   What I...
  3. -sandro-

    MEElectronics A151 & Sunrise Xcape IE

    Hello, do the a151 have a similar signature of the IE? Meaning is it a THICK sound, extremely smooth, not so balanced, mids centric?
  4. -sandro-

    Problem with Sunrise IE

    Hello, I have a huge problem. I just received the new Sunrise IE from . What the hell is this? I looked everywhere, this was rated as the one of the best on its range.   They sound thin, shallow, the soundstage is near to zero, sound is NOT detailed. It sounds like...
  5. -sandro-

    ipod touch 4g

    Hello, this probably has been asked before. How's the sound quality of the ipod touch 4gb? And I'm not talking to people that only tested it along with other apple's products or cellphones but in comparison to products like sony, cowon, sansa and creative.   I currently have a sansa fuze...