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  1. Ctn

    Bet all you comp wizz's cant solve this 1.

    This problem has been bothering me for a while now. With the old nvidia drivers 40 series, my logitech mx500 mouse is silky smooth, but when I install the newer drivers 50/60 series. It's only smooth at 60/70hz monitor refresh rate. at 72+ hz it's jerky as hell, esp in internet explorer...
  2. Ctn

    Honda CRX help needed

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what's the price range for a 1988 jdm spec Honda crx si with glass roof? The one with the 137hp 1.6L DOHC non-vtec engine. Im thinking of picking one up. Thanks!
  3. Ctn

    Kodak God Ultima 1x-12x

    Hi Guys, Anyone know how good these are compared to today's greatest cds? Dated around 2000. I just found an unopened box under some clutter.
  4. Ctn

    foobar uses wma9 decoder for mp3?

    I tried foobar and it seems to want to use the wma decoder. How can I use the foobar one? Want to see if it's better than jet audio.
  5. Ctn

    What is the best software mp3 player?

    What software mp3 players do you guys use for sound quality? I currently use jet audio. Are there better ones?
  6. Ctn

    Sound card cpu usage

    I hear that certain sound cards have high cpu usage. Is this true when not using eax? like playing a game in 2 channels without fancy 3d sound.
  7. Ctn

    Porta Corda upgrade to....

    The PC was my first ever amp. When I got it I thought it was the best sounding thing Ive ever bought. Then I found other amps(full sized). Im looking for a better portable amp. Can you guys plz recommend some amps? I find the PC to be abit restricted, undynamic and uncontrolled even when...
  8. Ctn

    Does anyone have a Canon G3 here?

    Just wondering if anyone else has a Canon G3 or G1/G2. What accessories do you have? What would you recommend getting? I got a skylight and circ polariser so far. Picture quality is pretty good.
  9. Ctn

    I trashed my interconnects ...

    Ahh man...I killed my Apature BL-4's this afternoon. One of the RCA plugs is total'd. Using some crappy Concord interconnects for the time being. Sound is sooo lo-fi now
  10. Ctn

    Can someone please id this Koss headphone?***-***jaycar(directory)***.ws4d?jaycar/results(S).html Please tell me its good I havent heard it before but its cheap.
  11. Ctn

    v6 is Oz?

    Hi guys, Im looking to get some cheap phones for using on the puter. Im thinking of either hp 890/910 or v6s Does ne1 know where I could get a pair of v6s in Oz? Anything that has deep tight bass Thanks !
  12. Ctn

    Help with Pots linear vs log

    Hi guys, Ive been away for a while from head-fi. I just decided to finish off my cmoy i started long ago. The sound is alright but it goes from zip to full blast with a 2-3 degree rotation. Im using a 50k pot. I forgot whether it was linear or log. Which pot would be good to use...
  13. Ctn

    Is this the end of DVD?
  14. Ctn

    Must Read (kinda funny)
  15. Ctn

    Read for a laugh (its funny)

    I found this on the Aus av forum. I couldnt stop laughing when I saw it . Check out this ng: with the thread: "A new world for hi-fi ********" Funny stuff.... Quote: They work I tell...
  16. Ctn

    What amp (speaker) do you use?

    Ive been here a while and I know everyone loves headphones but about speaker systems... What amp do you use at home? or would like to own one day?
  17. Ctn

    Speaker Cable Recommendations

    Hi, What would be some cheap speaker cables I could use? So far Im using some really cheap Supra classic stuff and hoping to upgrade Can someone please recommend some not very expensive cables for me
  18. Ctn

    Any Coders out there?

    Are there are Software Engineers/Coders here
  19. Ctn

    Happy New Year!

    Just want to say that Oh and what is your New Years resolution
  20. Ctn

    Porta Corda batt power drain

    Hi guys, How long in you experience does a batt last on the Porta-Corda? Im using a 8.4v ni-mh 150mah batt from GP. It lasted about a week and a bit for to and from work about 2 hrs each day. What are the symtoms that the batts are dying? I head some heavy distortions in the sound then...
  21. Ctn

    My review of the 580 vs. 590 with the Porta Corda

    Porta Corda Review ================== Source: Sony DEJ925 pcdp Headphones: HD580 and HD590 Anp: Porta Corda with crossfeed off. cds: (1) Sheryl Crow: the globe sessions "My Favorite Mistake" (2) Dawsons Creek soundtrack: "Ready for a fall" (3) Anastasia soundtrack "Once upon a...
  22. Ctn

    888s + Porta Corda = ??

    Would this be a good combination with a sony 925? Or would it be better from the phones out?
  23. Ctn

    Sony DEJ925

    Hi guys, Im looking for a good pcdp with good phones and line out. Is this any good? The top of the line sony is too expensive.
  24. Ctn

    metal film resistors

    Hi, Would a 1/2w metal film resistor use more power than a 1/4w metal film resistor? Going to be used in a portable cmoy amp Thanks !
  25. Ctn

    my CMOY :) (getting there)

    Hi guys, I just started my CMOY amp So far I managed to get the front and back panels of the enclosure done It may not sound like alot but it took ages to do. The plastic was too thick and I couldn't get the nut and bolts to connect so had to make the plastic thinner Did any of...