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  1. phosfiend

    Speakers Schmeakers! Athena AS-B1's any good?

    Hey all, Looking to pick up a set of decent but highly affordable set of speakers for an existing 5.1 amp. I've raked through the forums here and think I might have settled on some. I have a usable (if albeit kinda weak-sauced) sub already, so I primarily just need to replace the other...
  2. phosfiend

    ATH-CK7, step up from MD33S ?

    As the title suggests, looking for something to replace the sharp HP-MD33S in-earphones. I like the sound of the sharps for a highly portable solution, plus, they're fairly sturdy for this type of earphone. The Sharp's are the around the back of the neck/one side longer than the other variety...
  3. phosfiend

    I love CoverFlow but...

    I love CoverFlow, but I really dislike itunes. Are there any open source alternatives? I've prettied up foobar, but it just doesn't stack up to, well, the flow of CoverFlow. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. phosfiend

    Screw on mini to 1/4 plugs?

    Hey guys, Any idea where I can find the screw-on style 3.5mm to 6.3mm plugs? They seem to be a common termination on studio/DJ cans, but I can't seem to find a OEM supplier of these handy little 2 piece gadgets. Thanks,
  5. phosfiend

    Considering ATH-AD2000...

    Hey all, These are on the radar as my next logical upgrade. I have not heard them, but the impressions and reviews here seem to chime well with what I have in mind for my next can. If I were to sum up what I'm looking for in one word, it would be "easy". The AD2000's are widely reported as...
  6. phosfiend

    Players that Support Dynamic/On The Fly Playlists?

    As the title implies - what players support dynamic/on the fly playlists? Does Rockbox have this feature? Thanks!
  7. phosfiend

    Comfy and Neutral(ish) Closed Cans for Long Sessions?

    Hello all, Time to borrow some insight for the collective here - I'm looking for something closed, comfy and relatively neutral that I can wear for extended periods. I don't mix/produce as much as I used to (shame really) but I do still find myself working with sound often. Keeping the...
  8. phosfiend

    Where to get a SONY NW-A3000 in Canada?

    Hey all, I need your help. I tried out a SONY NW-A1000 in store here in Montreal, and I really liked the sound, plus the line out and option for a decent inline remote have me pretty much sold. Don't bother telling me about how bad sonicstage is, I'm fully aware, and have been using it for...
  9. phosfiend

    Anyone Still Rockin' With a 1st Gen Ipod?

    As the title implies. I was curious as to how these gadgets are holding up. Also if it was used until it croaked, how long did it last? thanks,
  10. phosfiend

    A quick first impression - Sharp MD33s

    These arrived yesterday, 5 business days from the other end of the earth - audiocubes, colour me impressed. I've been wearing my ATH-PRO700's for my portable getup lately, and it works like a charm - they sound GREAT, but alas, with the snow/rain + the want to wear my trapper hat, I needed...
  11. phosfiend

    advice please: affordable and versatile portable amp

    hello all, I'm considering the purchase of a portable amp and need some sage head-fi advice, but of course not without the inclusion of some crtieria (we'll get to that soon). Perhaps my reasons for wanting to go for a portable should be illustrated - I want to drive my cans with more...
  12. phosfiend

    The Big Gapless Dilemma (H1X0 or HD5 or MZ-M100 or Karma)

    I love my MiniDisc Player, I really truly do. I felt that up until very recently, featurewise, it couldn't be beat. But I find myself finally succumbing to the lure of greater storage capacity - and interestingly, it's not in terms of portability but transfer convenience. Transferring an MD's...
  13. phosfiend

    Help - best MD Microphone under $120?

    Hey guys, All the discussion recently about field recording has got me hooked again. I've been borrowing SONY MS907's from school - and find the results adequate. I need a mic of my own, and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. I have a few stipulations though; And lastly, my...
  14. phosfiend

    gapless burning software?

    Hey all, odd question but my needs are portable related. In any case, can anyone recommend mp3 -> CDA burning software that best removes gaps between tracks? Assuming of course the source MP3's are as good as possible. And I know flac or wav to CDA would solve this, but that isn't an...
  15. phosfiend

    What do Audio-Technica W1000's excel at?

    Curious what owners of these consider their strengths are. I am considering getting a pair for my father at some point in the future. His listening preferences are almost exclusively classical. Mids, highs and soundstage would likely be paramount, low-end isn't a major draw for him - but as long...