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  1. Ken

    Im looking for about 10watts amp SS with valve type sound !!!

    Im sure that you Headfi people have this information Im looking to find an amp around 10 watts SS that sound sweet like a value amp , new or old , doesnt matter put your thinking caps on what cost I hear you say well under $2000 thanks
  2. Ken

    Question on replacement cable on 5Pro

    while i have many headphones the problem is with the portable use while at work. I have worn out er6 and some koss cheapies. so i think that i can get some 5Pro and not have the worry about cable problems down the track. thanks
  3. Ken

    Question on replacement cable on 5Pro

    Im pretty hard on cables , I wear and use my headphones alot. My biggest problem is that eventually the cable gives up from so much use. heres the question i figured the 5Pro have a cable that is replaceable. Is this a good headphone to buy for my next headphones . I was also...
  4. Ken

    has anyone tryed Balanced ER4S ?????

    does anyone know if that has happened I would be happy to purchase such a cable for that can anyone help
  5. Ken

    can anyone help with balanced cable for ETY's

    I am in the market for a er4s balanced cable anyone interested in making such a beast ??????????????????????????????????????? get back to me .............................
  6. Ken

    Most Prestigious Headphone Manufacturer Brand?

    you should have defined more accurately what you meant. I may be wrong but sens are like a.....s everyones got one
  7. Ken

    How often are there 2 of the same headphone & they sound different?

    I at the moment have 2 pairs of DT770 and one of them is much brighter than the other . They are both 250 ohm and they are both nicely used . But the difference is rather great. Any one care to add any experiences they have had in this situation. I noticed the other day a post here noting...
  8. Ken

    can someone send me a pic of transformer of Perreaux Headphone amp 240 Volt Version

    I would like to get a pic of the transformer area of the headphone perreaux amp. I have taken a pic of mine which is the 115 volt version to compare the 240 volt version I would like if some one can send me a pic of the 240 volt version thanks
  9. Ken

    How does ER4P sound when amped?

    for me a tightening of bass , more bass , over all a big improvement. All round. night and day in my case
  10. Ken

    How to open Beyer DT770s?

    sounds good to me , id do it , can only sound better , dont make problems for your self thou , take care
  11. Ken

    Are my ER-4s dying?

    remove the filter have a listen then put a new one in . change both sides if you want them to sound exactly the same.
  12. Ken

    Which MP3 player is the best for audiophiles?

    the way i test my portables is to play them thru my stax srm007 and this gives very clear picture of whats good. rio karmer 8/10 lastest sony mp3 player 9/10 sony mini disc 10/10 and for fun Palm T3 8.5/10 [fair bit of background noise but great sound] these numbers are for...
  13. Ken

    has anyone heard these Audio-Technica ATH-CM7ti

    just saw these on audio cubes and for the price they had better be good.... any comments
  14. Ken

    how do we search in this new format?????

    i wish to do simple searches in different furums but cant find the search button
  15. Ken

    cheapest place to buy ER4S

    looking to buy straight away. I think ebay has the bargains .
  16. Ken

    I want to buy from OMDOT.NET has anyone dealt with this site before

    i am in the states for a short time and wish to purchase an item from this net site. I was hoping to get some feed back from head fi members on this net site thanks
  17. Ken

    help with ZEN XTRA

    thats good advise and i may just have to settle for the 40 gig. do you think the the 60 is in short supply because they are popular.
  18. Ken

    help with ZEN XTRA

    im looking to buy one of these 60gig would be nice. Can you tell me where these are available for immediate purchase as i have to leave the states very soon and return to Australia. All places i look are out of stock. Also does anyone have any advise on these types of players , sound...
  19. Ken

    Shure E5C Headphones Just Arrived

    when i say 10/10 what i mean is that for me and portable listening these are the best ive heard. that is way i made the point at the end of my post that i was a portable listener. I also own stax headphones which are not portable. These walk all over shure in the ultimate shoot out . That is...
  20. Ken

    Shure E5C Headphones Just Arrived

    after reading plently about shure headphones e5c i decided to purchase from maddog his .. well i have owned er4s and loved them . I feel that these e5c are more speaker like , to me a very natural sound. It would appear that shure have tryed to address all the problems that we have spoken...
  21. Ken

    CD3000 vs Etymotic ER-4S?

    i have owned both. sony's are getto blasters , they are classy looking. I didnot keep mine long. I was a ER4s convert in every way. portably the er4s are just so small and the sonys are just so big. One thing about the sonys was thet they picked up so much noise when in cars ect. more so than...
  22. Ken

    Is ER-4S/P God's gift or just a hype?

    ER4S = amazing detail , stunning isolation the cost of this is you have to get used to them after the insertion routine oh and fork out all that money
  23. Ken

    Whats the best EX70 mod?

    The more you can get them to look like the ER4S , the better they will sound
  24. Ken

    BlockHead Review

    Wow !! You dont often read reviews dripping with praise like that. Good on you Headroom